Eric Martsolf was on cloud nine after his Emmy win

Eric Martsolf was on cloud nine after his Emmy win

After over a decade in the biz, Daytime Emmy-winner Eric Martsolf (Brady) learned he’d earned his first nomination from a fan tweet. The Days of Our Lives star, who was in the bathroom at the time, admits his first thought was, “‘Well, this person’s smoking crack!'” Then he read more tweets and realized he was actually in the running for Outstanding Supporting Actor.

“And I have my shirt on in all my Emmy submissions scenes!” Martsolf brags. “That’s the bomb diggity, right there. When it was time to submit scenes, I went upstairs [to production] and said, ‘Can you pull every episode in which I have my shirt on, so I can include some of my integrity in my Emmy submission?’ They proceeded to give me four episodes out of the 120. Do you think I’m joking?” Hmm, we’re not sure.

Marstolf’s Brady does spend quite a bit of screen time with his pecs and abs on display…

For the record, he’s is not complaining. “I was born from Passions,” he reminds. “I get it. I know what I signed up for!”

While Martsolf has no qualms with showing off his hard body, he’d been anxiously waiting for when Brady would fall off the proverbial wagon since he signed onto Days in 2008. Martsolf knew an addiction storyline would give him a truly meaty arc to work. When Eileen Davidson’s Kristen came on the scenes, Martsolf got his wish – and then some! – and he took advantage.

Brady’s disastrous intervention scenes earned Martsolf the Supporting Actor win. Before he’d even won, however, the actor was on cloud nine. He immediately hit the kitchen to share the news of his nomination with the missus, Lisa Kouchak.

“My wife was making sandwiches for our kids,” he recounts. “Being a joker, I walked in and said, ‘These freaking people on Twitter are so mean! So mean. Look!’ She read the tweet, she looked up and welled up.”

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His boss was also thrilled for him. “Lisa de Cazotte, who is the executive producer for Days and was the executive producer at ‘Passions,’ sent me an email and said, ‘It’s about time!'” he shares. “That was the pinnacle for me. A lot of these guys are show-hoppers, jumping from show to show.

I pride myself on having the same boss for all these years.”

His twins, Chase and Mason, weren’t quite as impressed with Dad’s achievement.

“They’re eight-years-old now,” he marvels. “They’re like guys who will walk up to you and go, ‘What’s up?’ They’re dudes. When I told them Daddy had to go to an Emmy party, they were like, ‘What’s that?’ I was like, ‘Some people thought Daddy played pretend really well on the TV.’ They looked at me and said, ‘That’s cool. We’re going to pretend we’re Jedi.’ ‘Okay, I’m going to pretend I’m a cocaine abuser.’ They were like ‘What?'”

At that Emmy party a few days before the big show, Martsolf insisted he wasn’t nervous. Going up against Bradford Anderson (General Hospital), Steve Burton (The Young and the Restless), Scott Clifton (The Bold and the Beautiful) and Dominic Zamprogna (General Hospital), he felt it was anyone’s game.

“This is almost my twelfth year in the business and I understand what this whole thing is about,” he says. “Getting the nomination was my celebratory moment.

I loved being nominated. I’m happy soaps are still going. I’m happy I have a job and am putting food on the table as an actor… Maybe I’ll get nervous during the show.”

That’s exactly what happened. Martsolf barely recalls accepting his Supporting Actor statue. But forget the nomination being his “celebratory moment” or accolades from his boss being “pinnacle.”

Now he can admit it: “It feels pretty good to win!”



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