Top 10 Big Brother 16 moments according to BBCAN2’s Arlie Shaban

Top 10 Big Brother 16 moments according to BBCAN2’s Arlie Shaban

As a tribute to the upcoming finale I thought it would be fun to go over my 10 favourite moments of Big Brother 16. This season has had its fair share of drama and chaos, I’m super pumped for the finale on Wednesday and would love to see Derrick take home the $500,000.

Here we go!

1/ Zack crying in the Diary Room about Frankie donating the prize money to charity!

This was absolutely EPIC! Zack was uncontrollably rattled and showed so much raw emotion in this scene. He was crushed and did an amazing job of letting us see how he felt.

2/ Beastmode Cowboy showboating during the first HOH Competition

When Caleb kept showing off by letting go with one hand/leg I found that to be amazing television. He represented his name Beastmode Cowboy brilliantly all season, and the fact that he made it to 4th place after such a dominant first HOH win was impressive.

3/ Caleb sitting out of the Battle of the Block Competition when Frankie was his partner

Caleb had so many dramatic moments this season but this one really stood out to me. He was such an aggressive player and extremely entertaining for us fans to watch. Volunteering to go up on the block numerous times and plotting to throw competitions was very entertaining to witness.

4/ When Jeff Schroeder interviewed Donny’s parents

This was a moment of TV gold, their reactions to all of Jeff’s questions were priceless! I couldn’t stop laughing, so much so that I re-watched it online a handful of times. They just seemed so uninterested about the game or the fact Donny was playing it.

5/ Derrick’s Daughter giving him a “Holla”

Derrick’s face lit up with excitement when he heard his daughter and wife’s voice. It was really awesome to be able to experience that moment with him. Caleb imitating the “Holla” after was also pretty priceless.

6/ Zacks nomination speech calling Nicole a frootloop dingus

Ahhh the infamous frootloop dingus speech! Zack is one of the most memorable players to ever play the game, his crazy rants and speeches were genius. I’m really looking forward to seeing him back on a future season of Big Brother.

7/ Caleb eating a pickle to go out on a date with Amber/the actual date itself

Caleb hates pickles with a passion but he put aside his hatred so he could go on a date with Amber. He muscled down the pickle and then the two of them went out on their first and final date! #awkwardcentral

8/ Donny being worried about if he can get his groundskeeper job back or not

Donny is such a kind soul and is one of the most popular players this season. He will have no trouble finding work after the show. This moment just reminds me of how down to earth Donny Thompson really is.

9/ Devin’s house meeting

House meetings are always entertaining, but throwing Devin in the mix takes it to a whole different level. He was so passionate during the meeting, he even cried! But in the end he accomplished NOTHING and everyone just stared at him like he had 5 heads. Gotta love it.

10/ Victoria’s delusions

I just love how Victoria believes that she played a great game and deserves to be at the end/win. Sometimes the players that make it the furthest are brought there for a reason, and it’s not cause they’re deserving. Victoria is in for a reality check when she gets out of the house, but at least its been funny to watch.


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