Steve’s noms, Veto winner revealed

Steve’s noms, Veto winner revealed

By John Powell –

On tonight’s live eviction show, Vanessa, the professional poker player, holds all the cards.

It was revealed on the live feeds that Vanessa won the Power of Veto and will be taking herself off the block, leaving Liz and Johnny Mac as the final nominees. As HoH, Steve nominated Vanessa and Johnny Mac.

Since Steve is Head of Household and cannot vote, Vanessa will be deciding who joins them in the finals and who becomes the next member of the jury.

“Do I have to give a speech? How does that work,” Vanessa asked the others in the kitchen after returning from the Diary Room.

“I am going to use the Veto on myself and you (Steve) are going to put Liz up, then you both (Liz and Johnny Mac) are going to give a speech and I cast my vote live,” said Vanessa trying to puzzle out how the live eviction show will work.

This season, Vanessa has won Head of Household four times and the Power of Veto, three times.

On Tuesday’s special eviction episode, it was Austin who was sent packing to the jury house. With Johnny Mac winning the Veto and taking himself off the block, HoH Vanessa opted to put up Austin beside Steve.

“I am going to try and do the fair thing. Liz was already on the block last week. I don’t want to do it to her again this week. So, Austin, take a seat,” said Vanessa at the Veto Meeting.


During the vote, Liz naturally voted for her showmance to stay while Johnny Mac cast his vote for Austin. This forced Vanessa to break the tie.

“This is her best chance to secure herself in the finals. However, she is not going to win the game. She has zero chance of winning the game. Nobody there (on the jury) is going to vote for her,” said a sour Austin to host Julie Chen.

“I was going to help her get to the finals. It was a lock for her to be in the finals. She didn’t have to scumbag me to do it,” continued a fuming Austin. “She got me. I thought I was going to win the game.”


While he didn’t win the game, Austin viewed his relationship with Liz as the most valuable thing about his experience.

“I absolutely fell in love with her. That wasn’t part of the plan for me coming into this. I wasn’t looking for that,” he said.

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Find out who is evicted and who are the final three on tonight’s live eviction episode of Big Brother on Global.


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