Second phase of final HoH complete

Second phase of final HoH complete

By John Powell –

It will be Steve versus Vanessa for the final Head of Household of the season.

On the live feeds early Saturday morning it was revealed that Steve won the second round against Liz.

The competition involved a word puzzle or crossword of some sort with the answers centered around past HouseGuests.


“I was so frustrated. I was like…What is this? I hate my life right now,” said an irritated Liz of the competition before heading off to the shower.

“I’ve got $50,000 for my mom,” whispered Steve to Vanessa as they sat in the kitchen, referring to the guaranteed prize for second place.

“The same,” replied Vanessa.


“Be happy, Steve. What just happened was amazing. You really won and you won it fair and square. You have every right in the world to celebrate,” Vanessa continued.

The last phase of the final Head of Household usually takes place live on finale night. Whoever wins that round decides who they are taking with them as the final two to face the jury and who is the last HouseGuest to be evicted, last member of the jury.

The finale of Big Brother airs next Wednesday night on Global.


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