Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Nominee Strikes a Deal Before Nominations

Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Nominee Strikes a Deal Before Nominations
Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Nominee Strikes a Deal Before Nominations - BB20 Live Feed Updates & Latest News

By John Powell –

Two houseguests are on the block but what the Big Brother 20 house doesn’t know is one of the nominees made a deal with the current HoH (Head of Household).

Bayleigh Dayton, this week’s HoH, has nominated Brett Robinson and Rachel Swindler for eviction. On the live feeds before the ceremony Rachel met with Bayleigh. In their meeting, Bayleigh revealed she has a Power App in order to make Rachel comfortable with them working together.

“Trust me this week and next week, you are going to be fine. If you share this, I will kill you. Here is what my power does. It gives me the ability to…I cannot believe I am telling you this…This going to screw me up…” Bayleigh began to tell Rachel.

“I won’t tell anybody,” Rachel promised.

“Obviously I want you on my team. I want to work with you. It (the power) gives me the opportunity to put two people on the block, whomever I want,” Bayleigh confirmed.

“I am not coming after you. I just want to make the least amount of splash. I still think there are people in this game who are getting away with far too much,” said Bayleigh trying to reassure Rachel.

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After she was nominated Rachel fretted with Kaycee Clark in the Have-Not room.

“This pick better be freaking perfect. It had better be you Angela [Rummans] and Tyler [Crispen] or I will s—t my pants,” said Rachel of the upcoming Veto Competition draw. “Hopefully this is a Veto I can do because they are the hardest. The Veto is the hardest to win.”

“You got this,” said Kaycee.

“It is not even that I am on the block. I don’t care about that. I am not going home. It is I cannot save everybody,” Rachel said tearing up.

In the HoH room a little while later, Rachel met to confirm things with Bayleigh again.

“I didn’t want people to know we had a conversation beforehand,” said Beyleigh confirming her nomination speech was purposely meant to mislead people about their new partnership.

When Rachel asked about Bayleigh’s “hit list” she said Rockstar is as she will probably “take herself out” but she wants JC Mounduix and Scottie Salton gone soon.

This week’s POV (Power of Veto) Competition was won by Tyler.

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