Nomination strategy has twins squirming

Nomination strategy has twins squirming

By John Powell –

With this week’s nominations now finalized, Vanessa’s scheme has the twins worried.

At the Veto Meeting, James used the power to save himself and Vanessa appointed Julia in his place beside Meg on the block. Vanessa’s plan is that her side of the house has the votes to make sure Meg is leaving on Thursday. Her plan hinges on Johnny Mac and Steve keeping their word to evict Meg.

After getting ready for the day, Julia expressed her regret to Liz as they sat alone. She should never have agreed to be a pawn.

“I still don’t want to do this and I swear, nobody cares. I feel like Vanessa doesn’t care if I leave. Austin doesn’t give a —-. All of you are promising I am not gonna leave and look what’s happening,” said Julia.

“Okay, you need to have a poker face,” said Liz trying to calm her sister down.

“I am not going to cry but I am pissed,” said a furious Julia who awoke in the middle of the night to see Steve chatting with Meg and James.

“They (Meg and James) are sleeping all day so they can stay up and ——- scamper. I feel, like, alone,” she said. “If I go home this week, like, I am never going to forgive Vanessa or Steve, any of them.”

The twins pulled Steve into the conversation to clear the air.

“I just walked by the bathroom and saw you out there and I was freaked out,” Julia said to Steve.

“Meg and I did sit outside for a while and I am letting you know that is probably not the last time I will have an exchange with Meg,” said Steve trying to reassure Julia that nothing but friendly chit-chat was going on.


“You have the votes. It is done. There is nothing Meg can do to make me flip. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. It is done,” Steve continued.

Austin entered the room checking on the twins.

“Are you worried,” he asked Julia.

“I just want you to know, if you see me talking to her again, nothing is changing. There is no reason for you to be freaking out,” said Steve again.

“I just needed that reassurance. I am scared, you know,” Julia replied.

“There is nothing she could say to me to make me change my vote,” said Steve firmly.

“Gimme a hug,” said Julia standing up and hugging Steve. “This is just the absolute worst. I can breathe again.”

On the other side of the house, James and Meg have instituted their hair-brained Operation Trojan Horse plan. The plan is to somehow brainwash Austin into thinking that he needs to vote out Julia but to cast the blame on Steve after her eviction. The second part is to convince Johnny Mac to side with them.

When Meg cornered Austin in the bathroom to chat, they were interrupted by Julia. Julia noticed that Meg stopped talking and became awkward as soon as she entered the room. After their talk, Austin went straight to the HoH room and gave everyone the lowdown on Meg’s attempt at campaigning.

This Thursday’s live show will be a double eviction episode.

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