Meg, James get stung

Meg, James get stung

By John Powell –

Although they are not out of the game, James and Meg have been floored by a one-two punch delivered by Vanessa.

As the reigning Head of Household, not only did Vanessa nominate Meg and James for eviction but she also picked them to be have-nots for the week.

After a lockdown in the backyard, the HouseGuests were allowed back into the house. On the kitchen table was a note for Vanessa to read.

The note from Production read: “Vanessa as Head of Household we have good news and bad news for you this week. The good news is this is the final week of have-nots this season. The bad news is it is your responsibility to name four have-nots for the week.”

As an extra treat, the have-nots were given slop gum drops.


Jonny Mac volunteered to be a have-not as did Julia. Austin bowed out.

“What a week to be a have-not,” grumbled James on the live feeds pointing out that it is a crucial time in the competition and being on slop can be a huge disadvantage for those who were picked and those who strangely volunteered.

“We are going up. It is not even a question,” Meg correctly predicted.

After the Nomination Meeting, Vanessa met with James.

“Best of luck to you in the Veto. There is no specific target. I don’t have any particular target in mind so I wish you both the best of luck,” Vanessa continued. “I am sure Meg wants an explanation. She probably needs to calm down first. If she wants to talk, I am happy to explain it to her. It is not personal, I assure you. It is a game move.”

“She probably needs to take a couple of minutes,” said James indicating Meg was angry and crying in the have-not bedroom at present. James left to join her.


“Have fun getting to the final two with them all,” a bitter Meg said of Vanessa.

“They might have a real final five deal,” James said of Austwins and Vanessa.

“…but who is going to win? Not Vanessa,” Meg guessed.

“Hey, put some salt in the wounds, you know,” said James of Vanessa’s choice to make them have-nots.

“I mean, we haven’t done anything so I don’t really care,” said Meg.

“She says she has an explanation for everything,” said James.

“I don’t really care. I have done nothing to her,” groaned Meg.

Vanessa spoke to Meg and James offering them a convoluted reason as to why they were nominated. In a nut shell, she blames Meg and James for causing problems, mistrust between herself and the Austwins.

After the discussion was over, Meg began sobbing, again.

“I was so played. We were so played,” she cried.

“That is the way Big Brother is played. People lie, twist things, put things in weird ways,” replied James matter-of-factly.


“I know. I am not very good at this game,” sobbed Meg some more.

Meanwhile upstairs in the HoH room, Vanessa and the twins ripped on Meg and James. Vanessa said Meg is always talking trash behind people’s backs and that a leopard like her never changes its spots.

“I am not going to be fake with them anymore. I saved their asses for two weeks and the fact that you are scheming behind my back is so disgusting,” said Liz.

“Meg is the biggest princess around here. She’s a brat,” Julia replied saying Meg has done nothing in the game except “leach off” Jason and then James.

The Veto Competition is set for today.

The conclusion of this week’s HoH competition and Vanessa’s nominations for eviction will air on Sunday’s broadcast.

On the last live show, host Julie Chen announced that next Thursday’s show will be another double eviction episode.

Big Brother airs on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on Global.


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