Live feeds: Double eviction stuns HouseGuests

Live feeds: Double eviction stuns HouseGuests

By John Powell –

Big Brother 17 has its first jury members.

Shelli Poole, the interior designer from Georgia and Amazing Race veteran Jackie Ibarra, were the victims of this season’s first double eviction episode.

Shelli was the first to check in with Julie Chen when she was unanimously voted out of the house over Vanessa.

“Vanessa is a good player and in Big Brother when someone says you are safe and not the target, you always know you are probably walking out the door,” said Shelli in her exit interview.

“James had a lot to do with it. I think Vanessa has really good gameplay and probably had a lot to do with it too,” said Shelli of her eviction. She also felt “a bit” betrayed by Vanessa.


Steve Moses, the college student from New York, won the first Head of Household competition of the week. He nominated Jackie and Meg for eviction. Johnny Mac then won the Power of Veto and did not use it. Jackie was summarily voted out. Jackie suspected someone told Steve that she was going to backdoor him when in fact, her target weeks ago was Austin.

“Austin knows that. Everyone in the house knows that so I don’t know who planted that on him,” said Jackie.

Jackie agreed that it was easier to play Big Brother without her Amazing Race partner Jeff in the house.


“It is a very interesting game with Jeff, definitely. It was weird being there with him at first. I hadn’t seen him for a while. He was much more outspoken and the life of the house so I kinda took a little backseat there but that is how I wanted to play,” said Jackie.

The Big Brother house may have not seen the last of Shelli and Jackie though. Julie Chen has hinted that a jury member may be given a second chance and return to the game.

On the live feeds after the double eviction episode, Johnny Mac was despondent in the kitchen until James came to comfort him.

“Double evictions suck ass,” said James knowing Johnny Mac had to make a tough decision.

Steve paced around the house in a daze repeating…”That is not what I wanted at all. That is not what I wanted. I didn’t want that HoH. That is not what I wanted.”

Vanessa, Austin, Julia and Liz celebrated their survival while Becky remained dumbfounded at the evening’s events in speaking with James and Meg.

“Don’t worry, girl. I feel like an idiot every week in this game,” Meg told Becky.


“Expect the unexpected,” sighed James.

“Every week I feel like a dumb ass,” said Meg.

Becky called Vanessa a “bitch” for pulling Meg aside to make a deal with her during the double eviction.

“I got to keep calm with Steve. Man, I want to bite his head off,” said an angry Meg.

Later on, Steve spoke with Meg and Becky about his HoH decision.

“I wasn’t prepared to win HoH so I didn’t have noms in mind when I won it. What I did is I was going through the house and thinking of the conversations I had with people and the relationships I made with people and Jackie was the one person who always seemed kind of distant from me,” explained Steve.

Meg reassured Steve that Jackie never intended to target him and he was misled by someone in the house.

Later on, Liz won the second HoH competition of the week. As Liz, Julia, Austin and Vanessa rejoiced on the live feeds, Vanessa suggested they call their new alliance: Austin’s Angels.

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