Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeders Get Special Sneak Peek!

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeders Get Special Sneak Peek!
Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeders Get Special Sneak Peek!

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Big Brother live feeders got a special look at all the drama that will be Celebrity Big Brother.

With the Celebrity Houseguests entering the house this past weekend and already playing the game, live feeders were given a special 15 minute look ahead of tomorrow night’s launch.

Big Brother Spoilers ahead…You have been warned…

UFC legend Chuck Liddell and James Maslow seem to be on the block but Chuck might be replaced with Mark McGrath at the Veto Ceremony. Shannon Elizabeth won the first Veto Competition. Who is HoH though? We are not sure at present it seems like the game has already broken down with women facing off against the men so it might be Marissa Jaret Winokur or Keshia Knight Pulliam.

The live feeds opened with Omarosa and Ariadna Gutiérrez chatting while laying on a bed in one of the bedrooms. They talked about possibly putting Mark McGrath on the block to replace Chuck. Brandi Lynn Glanville came into the room.

“Did you see what Mark did to her?” Brandi asked.

The women talked about Mark snapping at someone during a competition.

“They are so jealous we are together,” said Ariadna.

“It is like this bro mentality and it is unfortunate. It is in their genes,” Brandi surmised.

Ariadna claimed Mark made accusations of cheating during the competition.

“I am not defending him but if the boys were cheating, I would have been going off on them,” replied Brandi.

“Shannon and Keshia were not cheating,” said an adamant Ariadna.

“They are just poor sports. They are already underdogs and they are going to be beat by girls. They are being big babies,” laughed Brandi.

The rest of the sneak peak footage consisted of Mark, Chuck and James working out, Shannon cooking and Ross showcasing his make-up skills.


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