Live feed spoilers: Tensions high after HoH win, double eviction

Live feed spoilers: Tensions high after HoH win, double eviction

By John Powell –

The meek have inherited the Earth, well, the Big Brother house at least.

Steve Moses, the 22-year-old college student, is the new Head of Household.

On the live feeds, Austin and Johnny Mac congratulated Steve in the kitchen as the twins fretted in one of the bedrooms.


“He’s in our alliance. You don’t think John’s going to be one of his nominations,” Julia said to Liz and Vanessa.

“I dunno. I’d be shocked,” said Vanessa.

“I’m scared,” replied Julia.

On the double eviction episode, it was the triumph of the twins.

Julia and Liz Nolan dominated the second double eviction episode of the season sending both Meg and James home.

Under Vanessa’s HoH, Meg was the first to be voted out with James being the only vote for her to stay.

“I felt like there was this whole plan to get James out of the house and honestly I am so happy he is in the house but I feel like I was a…Whoops!…this week and here I am,” Meg told host Julie Chen. While some speculated there might be a hint of a romance between her and James, Meg was quick to quash it saying there were no fireworks between the two at all.

Liz won the BB Road Trip HoH competition, beating her own sister. It was no surprise that Liz then nominated James and Johnny Mac. Julia won the Veto Competition which had the HouseGuests bowling on a boomerang shaped track.

“I am going to honour my sister’s nominations, don’t want to get any more blood on my hands so I am not going to use the power of Veto,” said Julia. Not part of the dominating alliance, James was unanimously turfed.

“I knew I was a huge threat in this game. I knew as soon as they put me and Meg on the block together. I knew I was going to be the next one out regardless of what happened,” James said of his eviction. “I think all of them are working together. It just felt like the whole house just ganged up together. There was really nothing I could do at this time.”


When the live feeds returned right after double eviction episode, Vanessa was in the kitchen speaking with Austin.

“I am more thinking about myself right now. How do I survive,” Austin confided in Vanessa.

Vanessa tried her best to convince Austin to throw the HoH completion.

“In the worst case scenario, I have the votes. All you need is two,” said Vanessa.


“Johnny Mac will vote for me,” asked Austin.

“I can make it happen. That’s what I do. Campaigning is my thing,” assured Vanessa.

Minutes later, Vanessa spoke with the twins. Julia said if they win HoH, they need to put up Johnny Mac and Steve. Vanessa agreed.

Steve’s HoH win and his nominations for eviction will be shown on Sunday’s broadcast.

Big Brother airs on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on Global.


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