Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Nominees Fight to Stay, One Houseguest Wants to Leave

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Nominees Fight to Stay, One Houseguest Wants to Leave
Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Nominees Fight to Stay, One Houseguest Wants to Leave - Global TV

By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

This week’s Celebrity Big Brother nominees are desperately trying not to be the first person evicted while another houseguest has already tried to leave.

The houseguests have only been in the house for about a week and it seems Metta World Peace has already attempted to walk out a couple of times. Last night some of the houseguests joked with Metta about climbing the backyard wall and “escaping”.


Meanwhile, nominees Chuck Liddell and James Maslow are doing everything they can to stay in the game.

Chuck met with Shannon Elizabeth and Omarosa Manigault pleading his case.

“I will take all the help I can get. I just need to get past now,” he told them.

“You are our favourite. We have tried not to show our hand,” responded Omarosa. “We aren’t so good at not showing our hands. We have intentionally tried to stay away from you. I want to be training and hanging out with you.”

Shannon and Omarosa wondered why Chuck didn’t speak to them earlier.

“You have two girls here who play with incredible integrity. We have given our word to the women but it might be time to make a deal. Please keep our confidence,” Omarosa asked. “I cannot speak for Shannon but you aren’t my target. That’s my word. You aren’t leaving.”

Shannon asked Chuck if he would ever put up any of the men.

“The two of them, one (Metta World Peace) wants to go anyways. Mark [McGrath] is going for the path of least resistance,” said Chuck.

“Which is why he is more of a target than you are,” Omarosa explained.

They all agreed that like Metta, Mark is not coping well with the experience.

“Mark is cracking. This game takes a lot of mental toughness,” said Omarosa.

When they were alone, the women talked about not being able to fully trust Ariadna Gutierrez, Brandi Glanville, Marissa Winokur and Ross Mathews. They agreed to stick with the women’s alliance for now but possibly keep Chuck as a back-up plan.

Outside, James spoke to Ross. He doesn’t feel that anyone trusts him. James believes he needs two more votes to stay. James pitched himself as a vote anyone could use. He also claimed to have Mark and Metta as votes. He suggested that Ross join them. Out came Marissa to interrupt the strategy talk.

The three night premiere of Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight and tomorrow night with a live 2-hour eviction show on Friday.

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