Jury Chats: Shelli, Jackie list their targets

Jury Chats: Shelli, Jackie list their targets

John Powell – GlobalTV.com

One found love and one found a whole new game to play.

Shelli, the interior designer from Atlanta and Jackie Ibarra, the professional dancer from Las Vegas, are the first two members of the Big Brother jury. Whether they will remain as such or have the opportunity to win a chance to return to the series remains to be seen.

GlobalTV.com briefly quizzed both jurors and here is what they had to say.

Shelli Poole

John Powell: Now that you are on the jury, would you have played any differently?

Shelli Poole: I think I played a pretty darn good game. I just didn’t see the Vanessa blindside coming and wish I could have seen it coming.


John Powell: If you get the chance to return what will be your strategy and who would you target?

Shelli Poole: It depends on who is in the house but it would be a whole new game so any past conversations won’t matter. James, because…obviously and Austin or Vanessa because…obviously.

John Powell: Do you wish to continue your relationship with Clay outside the house?

Shelli Poole: My relationship with Clay developed quickly and grew strongly. We figured that spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 50 days was as if we had been dating 9 months out in the real world.

I know the real world is different – with our age gap and being long distance but I have high hopes for continuing to grow and blossoming our connection. He has already set up a date for us in Texas.


As long as things go as planned, I’ll be visiting him, he’ll be visiting me and then we’ll go from there.

John Powell: Becky claimed over and over again, she wanted Vanessa out and not you. Why would she then put you up, a person she wanted to stay and possibly work with?

Shelli Poole: Because she was feeling pressured to go with the “plan” that Vanessa created and that the house was on board with. This way, Vanessa would think Becky was going along with the plan and Becky would be able to blindside her.

Jackie Ibarra

John Powell: If you had to guess, who do you think got in Steve’s ear and why?

Jackie Ibarra: It could possibly be Shelli or Vanessa. They were involved in my game plans when I was HOH. I don’t think my alliance would out me like that.

John Powell: If you get the chance to return what will be your strategy and who would you target?

Jackie Ibarra: My plans were to target Vanessa during the double eviction and if she were still in the house, she would be my potential target.


John Powell: If you had to pick someone you’d like to go far in the game, who would you choose and why?

Jackie Ibarra: I would really like to see James, Meg and Becky go far in the game.

John Powell: How would you compare playing Big Brother to the Amazing Race?

Jackie Ibarra: Big Brother was a lot harder because it was an individual game and I really could only count on myself and not a team.


John Powell: Would you have played any differently and what went wrong for you?

Jackie Ibarra: I would not have discussed my game plans with too many people. It is really hard being HOH and finding that line of how much to open up to people in the house. When working with a big group, a lot can go against you.


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