Jury Chats: Meg accuses HGs of camping, James supports Austin

Jury Chats: Meg accuses HGs of camping, James supports Austin

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

A popular pair, Meg and James stuck together through thick and thin this season. GlobalTV.com caught up with the duo and got the lowdown on who their favourites are to win and their Big Brother regrets.

John Powell: If you had to cast your vote for a winner today who would you pick and why?


Meg Maley: Johnny Mac! It seems like he’s been on the block every week and he has been fighting so hard! I feel like some people in the house are acting as if they are at summer camp so I’d love to see a fighter win!

John Powell: What was your strategy going into the game? What would you say was your best move and why?

Meg Maley: My strategy coming in was to lay low and make friends with everyone in the beginning.  Then, I would try to make big moves later in the game.   Within the house, there were a lot of people that started the game off way stronger than I expected so I felt like I had to adapt to this.  I do feel like I succeeded in becoming friends with everyone and having a strong social game.

John Powell: Why do you think everyone has let Austin form such a dangerous alliance and have left them in the game for so long?

Meg Maley: The Austwins seem competitively easier to beat than most people in the house.  I thought that this week would have been the time to take them out.  Obviously, I was wrong.  I’m not sure why other people in the house don’t feel they are a threat because they had an opportunity this week to split them up.

John Powell: It seemed you took many of the strategic moves against yourself and James in a very personal way. Why did you feel that way?

Meg Maley: This week felt more personal than most.  I understand James and I are a threat as a duo, but you are living in a house with an even stronger threesome. I find it hard to believe that I was the biggest threat in the house this week so when Vanessa says that she’s trying to make a big game move, I just find it hard to believe.

John Powell: What is your biggest Big Brother regret?

Meg Maley: My biggest regret in this game was allowing people to know how much I cared for my friends in the house. One of the reasons why I feel I was evicted was because my friendship with James was so strong that it surpassed the game.  A lot of people in the house constantly feel alone and I was super thankful to have people I could count on. Game-wise, it’s definitely better to not have strong ties with the other HouseGuests.

John Powell: Who do you think is playing the best game and who do you think should win?


James Huling: Ultimately I feel like Austin is playing the best game – he has never been on the block – close to pulling another Derrick.

John Powell: Fans were really impressed by your focus throughout the entire game. You didn’t take things personally. Was that important to you and what was your strategy going in?

James Huling: It was very important to me that I did keep things game level and that my strategy going in was to let them know that putting me on the block was game and I wouldn’t hold a grudge so they would hopefully not keep me as a target later on down the road.

John Powell: Do you regret choosing the allies you did? If you could go back how would you change things up?

James Huling:  I don’t regret the allies that I had, I chose those people because I got along with them and I could trust them. Week one when I got HOH, I backdoored Jace which caused a split in the house with Austin and Vanessa, so even if I wanted to align myself with them it would have been hard given that they had seen me backdoor one of their people week one.

John Powell: The other side of the house were well organized. Why do you think the rest of the house couldn’t get together to form a united front, especially against the twins?

James Huling: Well the twins have a bond that no one else in the house is going to have. Sisters wouldn’t go against each other. So, all it took was one other person that they trusted so Austin is good because he likes one of them. Julia would have been one person I would have liked in my game strategy. I decided to stick with Meg and play out the game and where it went.

John Powell: What surprised you most about the experience and do you have any regrets?

James Huling: What surprised me the most is how quick people can change their minds after one conversation. One minute you are safe and good in their book and the next thing you know you see your face appear on the memory wall. Ultimately, no regrets.

John Powell: Would you return to play an all-star season?

James Huling: Definitely, Yes, Yes, 1000 times.

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