Jury Chats: Johnny Mac talks throwing challenges, his biggest regret

Jury Chats: Johnny Mac talks throwing challenges, his biggest regret

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

It is game over for John McGuire. One of the most unique and perhaps the most popular HouseGuests this season, Johnny Mac brought his own brand of gameplay and approach to the Big Brother house. GlobalTV.com chatted with the eclectic HouseGuest on his way to the jury house.

John Powell: Who do you think is playing the best game and who do you think will win?

John McGuire: I think Vanessa is playing the best game and I think she’s going to win because she’ll probably win this final HOH and kick out one of the other two.  People will probably see that she played the better game.

John Powell: What was your strategy going into the game? What would you say was your best move and why?


John McGuire: My strategy was to not spill anyone’s information to anyone else. I really didn’t have any game conversations until an hour before the first nominations were made. That’s probably why I was nominated. However, I stayed around as long as I did because I kept everyone’s information to myself and people felt like they could trust me.

Even with Austin, he trusted me because of the way I acted in the game up until we blindsided him.  When I went back in the second time, I started being brutally honest with everyone and they felt I was only doing that with them.  They didn’t think to cross check their stories with the other HouseGuests since I was having these same brutally honest conversations with other people in the house.


John Powell: Since you got the chance to play twice, what would have been your argument to the jury?

John McGuire: My second time in there, I had an uphill battle.  No one had any reason to keep me around and I would have taken out the last of the Goblins and all but one of the Scamper Squad if I made it to the end, which would have been a big accomplishment.

John Powell: You seemed to only really play hard when your back was against the wall and then kinda faded into the background, why was that? Why didn’t you play more of a stronger social game?


John McGuire: When there was a point in the house with two big alliances, Scamper Squad and the Goblins, the only thing working against me was Vanessa’s deal to bring them together to vote out Shelli or myself.  I was able to get through that situation fine.  Neither alliance had that big of a problem with me and I didn’t feel like I needed to be in an alliance.

John Powell: What is your biggest Big Brother regret?

John McGuire: I should have voted out Steve because that would have guaranteed me final three.


John Powell: Do you regret throwing so many challenges?

John McGuire: When you’re in there and you’re not HOH, you have to be okay with things or you become a target.  With the first Battle of the Block, since I knew I wasn’t the target, I did it because it would hopefully build trust with some people.  I don’t feel like you should win HOH unless you feel like you have a target.

A lot of people in there won HOH because they were paranoid, then had to put up two people for eviction making more enemies.  Unless you have someone you want to take out of the game, you should not try and win HOH.  I also felt like you shouldn’t try to win Veto if you didn’t need it and would be safe anyway.

There was no competition that I threw that I was upset about afterwards.  The ones I were upset about was when I lost and I tried winning it.

On this Sunday’s show, the first half of the Head of Household competition will play out. It is not known whether the second phase will be shown on the live feeds which usually go dark days before the finale.

The finale of Big Brother airs next Wednesday night on Global.


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