Jury Chats: Becky counts her allies

Jury Chats: Becky counts her allies

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Basic or bitchy, no matter how you see Becky, she was at the centre of some high stakes Big Brother drama before she left the game. We had the chance to briefly chat to her before she headed off the to the jury house. Here is what she had to say about the game and her disastrous HoH.

John Powell: Do you regret putting Shelli on the block and what do you think went wrong during your HoH?

Becky Burgess: I don’t regret putting Shelli up because she’s someone that the house wanted to see out.  However, I regret clearly identifying Vanessa as my target.  I should have told her she was a pawn and let the house decide.


John Powell: If you had to pick someone you’d like to go far in the game, who would you choose and why?

Becky Burgess: Steve! I think he’s playing a fantastic game so far both socially -Yes, with his awkwardness, it’s perfect – and he’s also shown as someone who can compete.  And who doesn’t want to see a BB superfan win the game?

John Powell: Back at the start of the season, you had a disagreement with Audrey which soured your relationship with her. Can you describe what happened and your feelings about it?


Becky Burgess: Audrey was willing to attack people’s personal lives from the moment she stepped into the door.  I’m a person that supports bold moves in this game but she would take the game to a whole new low so I wanted to keep my distance from her until she left.

John Powell: If you could return to the game, who would you target and who would you team up with and why?

Becky Burgess: I’m caught between two places.  I would like to put up Liz and Austin side by side.  They haven’t had to play until this late in the game and they put me up when I kept them safe.   On the other hand, I know the toughest people for me to beat in the finals would be Steve and Vanessa.  It would all depend on where the game is at upon re-entering.  I would keep working with Johnny Mac for sure.

John Powell: What was your strategy going into the game and did it pan out the way you thought it would?


Becky Burgess: My strategy was to lay low the first week.  However, based off of physical appearance I quickly became a threat.  I had to play stronger from the moment I stepped into the house.

John Powell: What surprised you the most about the experience?

Becky Burgess: The feeling of not knowing anything that’s going on in the world.  I’ve spent time in other countries away from family and friends but have never been cut off from the news.  Being without a cell phone or the Internet was more difficult than I thought.


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