Jury Chats: Austin on the food fight, his ex-girlfriend and Judas

Jury Chats: Austin on the food fight, his ex-girlfriend and Judas

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

He may have been pinned but the way Austin sees it, he never submitted. The independent wrestler and yoga instructor was blindsided in a surprise eviction that shook the entire Big Brother house. Before he left for the jury house, Austin gave GlobalTV.com the inside scoop on the recent food fight with Liz, how he feel about Vanessa’s big move and his biggest regret.

John Powell: Can explain the food fight incident with Liz the other day, what happened and why?

Austin Matelson: Liz and I get bored and we like to create fighting scenarios that aren’t real. She decided to tell me that my chicken marinade was awful so I threw her vegetable medley in her face.


John Powell: Would you have been willing to cut Liz in the final phase of the game or would you bring her to the end with you over anyone?

Austin Matelson: I would have brought her to the end, even if I knew I was going to lose. I may have told other people in the house otherwise but there was no way I was going to betray her.

John Powell: Who do you think is playing the best game and why?

Austin Matelson: I think Steve is playing the best game because he has been able to position himself into the final four when he was everyone’s target in Week One. He knows the game better than everyone and he’s been able to play all aspects of it.


John Powell: When we were first introduced to the Judas gimmick, many were expecting him to be a real, nasty heel but that persona never surfaced? Did you have a change of heart? What happened?

Austin Matelson: As far as Judas goes, he’s not some evil manipulator. He’s the manifestation of Austin’s personality who has watched Austin get disappointed and heartbroken by life. He’s there to keep Austin in line, but Austin fell in love and there’s nothing Judas could have done to stop that.

John Powell: Briefly, can you explain the situation with your girlfriend and why things turned out the way they did? Any regrets?


Austin Matelson: That’s my biggest regret in the game – how things went down in my personal situation. I’m going to take responsibility for my actions but ultimately, both she and I knew we were growing apart before this experience. I should have been the stronger person and ended it before I came into the house. However, I never thought I would find somebody like Liz and once I did, the feelings I had inside were too strong for me to deny.

John Powell: Do you see a future with yourself and Liz? For example, are you willing to move to Florida to be with her?


Austin Matelson: I think it’s more likely that she’ll move to L.A. We both want to pursue interests in the entertainment industry. And yes, I absolutely see a future with Liz. All we’ve been wanting is some time without a camera in our faces.

John Powell: You seemed in total shock when you walked out of the house – completely blindsided. What was going through your head at that moment?

Austin Matelson: Vanessa completely betrayed me. I knew it was a possibility because it’s Big Brother, but her whole game was about playing with integrity and not betraying me since we made a final two deal on the second day. She swore to me on her family, her girlfriend, the LGBT community and the Bible and she’ll have to deal with those consequences of making those pledges and going back on it. Then, I thought about Liz. I felt so bad that she would have to stay in that environment. Her heart is too good to play with people like this and I can’t be there to protect her. That’s the hardest part for me.

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