Jury Chats: Julia gives props to Vanessa, Austin

Jury Chats: Julia gives props to Vanessa, Austin

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Part of one of the biggest twists this season with her twin sister Liz, Julia had a pretty solid run in the Big Brother house. Although they were a huge threat, the twins have managed to make it farther than many thought they would.

Before heading off to the jury house, Julia spoke with GlobalTV.com about her sister’s relationship with Austin and her experiences in the house.

John Powell: Why do you think you and your sister were never really targeted in the game as a couple?

Julia Nolan: I don’t think we were targeted because of Austin.  People were afraid of our trio.

John Powell: Besides your sister, who do you think is playing the best game and who do you think will win?


Julia Nolan: Austin, because he is a huge Big Brother fan and even has a tattoo to prove it! He is also a big physical and social threat and an all-around great competitor who is worthy of making it all the way the end.

John Powell: How do you view Liz and Austin’s relationship?

Julia Nolan: Long distance relationships are tough but I know Austin genuinely loves her.  I think she may love him too. Maybe she’ll even move out to California!

John Powell: What surprised you most about the experience?


Julia Nolan: Being cooped up and cut off from the outside world was definitely harder than expected. Thank goodness I had my sister in the house with me!

John Powell: What was your strategy going into the game? What would you say was your best move and why?

Julia Nolan: My strategy was to not get detected as a twin, align myself with the right people and try my best in every competition (never throw it) and get to know everyone and build relationships because the social game is also important.

My best move was confiding in Austin and Vanessa that I was a twin. From that point forward, they protected us and helped us BOTH get into the game.

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