Jurors trash Big Brother house

Jurors trash Big Brother house

Talk about your bitter juries.

Re-entering the house today to compete in a Luxury Competition with the remaining HouseGuests, the Big Brother jury consisting of Donny, Jocasta, Zach, Hayden, Christine and Nicole, tore through the house, leaving a mess in their wake.

On the 24/7 live feeds, Big Brother woke the HouseGuests up just before lunch. Caleb read a message to everyone while standing in front of a massive television.

“Big Brother has a surprise for us. Let’s take a look at the TV,” said Caleb.

With that and the remaining HouseGuests watching, the jurors ran into the house and began throwing around pillows, piles of Houseguests’ clothing, pretty much anything they could get their hands on. While Zach danced on the living room table and on people’s clothes, Nicole gave him a box of cereal to pitch all around. In the kitchen, Hayden, Christine, Jocasta threw food, garbage and spoilt chicken all over the counters, floor. As Christine and Jocasta ran into the bathroom to make more of a mess, the feeds cut out.KitchenWhen the feeds returned, Victoria was wearing a Team Hayden shirt from the competition, Caleb: Team Jocasta, Derrick: Team Donny, Cody: Team Nicole and Frankie: Team Zach. It was revealed that the HouseGuests competed in teams comprised of duos of evicted and remaining HouseGuests and Victoria, Hayden came in first and won $5,000 each.

The HouseGuests got down to the business of cleaning up the house. Though the HouseGuests were upset their clothes were stepped on and thrown all over and the kitchen was such a mess, Victoria was particularly angry as in the melee, someone smashed her favourite necklace and someone purposely scratched out her name in the bathroom.

“This is nuts, you guys,” complained Frankie. “All of my stuff is destroyed.”TV“All of my stuff is everywhere,” grumbled Caleb.

Frankie told everyone he wasn’t surprised some of the jurors would be so disrespectful.

“Would you throw garbage on the floor? We are still human,” said Victoria as she tried to pick up all of her clothing Zach had dumped and danced on in the front room.

“I am even more pissed. They broke my favourite necklace,” said Victoria. “They broke it to pieces, it is disgusting.”

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