Johnny Mac’s scheme stirs up the house

Johnny Mac’s scheme stirs up the house

By John Powell –

A Big Brother fan favourite is getting the boot this week.

Either John (Johnny Mac) McGuire or Steve Moses will be walking out the door. At the Veto Meeting today, winner Vanessa didn’t use the power to save either HouseGuest.

Things began to erupt well before the Veto Meeting even happened though.

In the bathroom this morning, Johnny Mac told Vanessa that Austin and the twins had a five person alliance to vote her out. Later, Vanessa discussed the situation with Liz.

Liz confirmed the plan but claimed it was all Steve’s scheme and it was all water under the bridge now.

Vanessa pulled Steve into the Have-Not room to confront him.


“That was something that was discussed, true,” Steve admitted.

“Whose idea was it,” asked Vanessa.

“Whose idea was it,” said a confounded Steve.

“Who orchestrated it,” Vanessa asked again.

“Not me,” he faltered.

“Was it you,” said Vanessa.

“No,” replied Steve.

“It was you, you —— and they told me it was you. All of them confirmed it. It was you wasn’t it? If it was, you can say goodbye because you ain’t got my vote,” she said angrily, her voice cracking. “Will you at least have the balls to admit it? They wanted to get me out and you were working with them.”

Afterwards, a shaken Steve questioned Austin in front of Vanessa, James and Meg.

“Did I orchestrate it,” asked Steve.

“Kinda and I don’t know why you are coming at me in public,” answered Austin.

“I am sorry. I am just asking you,” said Steve.

“You were very eager to make sure you and Johnny Mac were safe. I don’t know why you want to do this in front of everyone,” said a befuddled Austin.


“I am not coming at you. I am just asking. I am not attacking you. That is not my intention,” Steve stammered.

“It is when you do it in public,” Austin corrected.

“My mistake,” said a sullen Steve.

Following the Veto Meeting, Liz spoke to Johnny Mac on the patio alone. Liz told him, his actions this morning did not go over well.

“The fact that you had to do that really pissed me off,” said Liz. “I was hurt. We had a deal with you. At one point, everyone was targeting Vanessa. It makes me think when your back is against the wall, you are going to blab your mouth.”

“Everyone has turned on me. If you put Steve and me on the block, it makes me feel like you have a deal with James and Meg and you are telling me you don’t. That is just what I am observing,” said Johnny Mac. “You guys didn’t go out of your way to make me feel safe. It was a judgement call and what I felt I had to do at the time.”


“I respect that,” said Liz. “I wanted to tell you, you aren’t out of this game yet.”

“I feel like I am,” sighed Johnny Mac. “You guys are tight with Steve and I get it.”

Alone in the HoH room, the twins and Austin vented their frustrated over Johnny Mac’s actions.

“He is now a freaking vigilante. He has gone rogue,” said Austin.

“I literally despise him,” said Julia.

“He is out for blood now. He wants us dead,” said Austin.

As announced last week, along with the current jury members, whoever is voted out this week will have the chance to win their way back into game on this Thursday’s live show.

Big Brother airs on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on Global.


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