Introducing #HouseguestHangout — a weekly live show about BB16 with your fave BBCAN Houseguests

Introducing #HouseguestHangout — a weekly live show about BB16 with your fave BBCAN Houseguests

Big Brother 16 has arrived!

To celebrate, we are excited to announce the #HouseguestHangout with#TwistosTwist Talk— a totally interactive live show hosted by Big Brother Canada’s Neda Kalantar.

Join Neda at every Thursday at 10 et as she dissects the drama, the backstabbing and the showmances of BB16.

It’s just another way Global’s got your Big Brother summer fix.

Week 14: Neda & Jon Pardy & Elissa Reilly & Brendon Villegas

Week 13: Neda & Rachelle Diamond & Adel Elseri

Week 12: Neda & Robyn Kass (Big Brother casting director)

Week 11: Neda & Amber Borzotra & McCrae Olson

Week 10: Neda & Kenny Brain

Week 9: Neda & Arisa Cox – #BBCAN3 casting edition!

Week 8: Neda & Rob Cesternino & Peter Brown

Week 7: Neda & Sarah Miller & Alec Beall

Week 6: Neda & Jon Pardy

Week 5: Neda & Allison White & Jillian MacLaughlin

Week 4: Neda & Arlie Shaban & Gary Levy

Week 3: Neda & Peter Brown

Week 2: Neda & Ika

Week 1: Neda & Jon

Questions? We’ve got answers:

Where can I watch the #HouseguestHangout?

Watch live on or on our Google+ page

When can I watch?

Every Thursday at 10 et, following the BB16 eviction episode

I don’t live in the east coast! Can I still watch?

Don’t worry west coast pals, we’ve got you! Every #HouseguestHangout will be available online on the day after the live show airs.

Neda is so cool! How can I send her my questions/comments/fan art/etc?

Easy — simply tweet @Global_TV or use the hashtag #HouseguestHangout for a chance to have your question answered.

You can also post questions on the Global TV facebook page. If you kick it real old school, email your questions to

Honsetly… I don’t totally get it. Technology just isn’t my thing!

Just think of this as a live TV show on the internet that airs after Big Brother evictionepisodes. ‘Nuff said, right? 

When is Big Brother 16 on TV? In Canada, BB16 airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Global


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