HoH winner determined on live feeds

HoH winner determined on live feeds

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Austin has pinned the other HouseGuests.

Winning a special endurance challenge to become this week’s Head of Household, the independent pro-wrestler celebrated with twins, Liz and Julia, afterwards.

”Back up to the HoH room,” he laughed.


In a competition comprised of sprint races, the HouseGuests, touching three buttons at the starting line, had to wait until the word “Go!” flashed upon the screen before racing across to push their button. If anyone false started, they were booted from the competition.

When the feeds returned after the live eviction show, Julia had already been eliminated and was sitting on the bench next to Liz and Meg. Shortly thereafter, Vanessa false started and was bounced. In the race that followed, Johnny Mac lost leaving Steve, Austin and James still in the running for HoH. Steve was the next to take a seat on the bench. Austin edged out James in the final race.

“I thought you beat me,” said a confused Austin shaking hands with James on the live feeds.

“You are the new hunk of household,” shrieked Liz with glee, hugging him.

“We are in the perfect spot and everyone realizes we are in the perfect spot,” said Austin strategizing with Liz once they were back in the house. Austin was leaning towards nominating Johnny Mac and Steve as pawns but was unclear about who his real target would be.


Earlier on in the evening, it was Becky who got burned. Taking a complete nosedive in the game, the 26-year-old retail manager from Colorado, went from the penthouse to the outhouse. Unanimously voted out over Johnny Mac, she admitted her HoH didn’t go exactly as planned.

“I am very direct and forward and I was very confident that my plan was going to go perfectly. I didn’t expect the unexpected,” she explained to host Julie Chen.

Becky agreed she misread how much James and Meg felt about Shelli and the threat she represented to their game. Becky was not surprised by the unanimous vote.


“My two closest people in the game have been Jackie and also John. Jackie left a week ago and John was sitting next to me,” she said.

Although Becky, Shelli and Jackie are currently serving as Big Brother jurors, all three and the next bootee will have the chance to return to the game on next week’s live eviction episode.

Austin’s nominations and the results of the HoH competition will air on Sunday’s episode.

Big Brother airs on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on Global.


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