Game fail: Why Donny Thompson lost Big Brother

Game fail: Why Donny Thompson lost Big Brother

Summary: When it comes to Big Brother nice guys often finish last. Just ask Donny Thompson. 42 going on 55, the school groundskeeper may have been one of the kindest players to ever be cast on the reality show but in a game where manipulation and deception are the accepted currency, Donny was flat broke.

Donny Win

Strategic Gameplay

Due to his extremely poor social game, Donny’s primary strategy was to win competitions in order to survive week to week or hope there was a bigger target on the radar besides himself. Besides making a feeble alliance with Devin and then Jocasta, two ineffective players, Donny didn’t make many other strategic moves.

Like most of those outside the core alliance, he didn’t rally the troops or try to build an opposing alliance on the down low. Instead, he used the other lone players as shields, allowing them to be picked off one by one while he waited for his inevitable turn to be sent packing.

Besides his short-lived and fruitless alliances at the start of the series, Donny made no attempt to put forth any strategic plan until Zingbot called him out recently. You snooze. You lose.

Rating: 1 / 5

Donny Jocasta

Social Gameplay

In its 14 year history, there are not many HouseGuests who have had such a dismal social game as Donny. Although most of the other HouseGuests see him in a very positive light, perhaps more than any other this season, Donny did not have any close bonds with anyone except Jocasta.

By refusing to change his rigid daily schedule to that of the majority of the house who were late to bed and late to rise, Donny ostracized himself socially early on. Inflexible and unable to adapt to the changing environment he found himself in, Donny missed out on opportunities to create new allies, fracture alliances and achieve a better understanding of the other HouseGuests and their personalities and motives. In a game where information is precious, Donny put himself at a distinct disadvantage.

Although he would often cite his age as the reason for his lack of a social game, there have been countless Big Brother, Survivor players older than Donny who have integrated themselves into groups of largely younger people, established friendships, alliances and done very well.

Rating: 1 / 5

Donny Pose

Entertainment Value

Besides being a credible moral compass during the series, Donny wasn’t Mister Entertainment by any means. He was happy to put himself out there but those occurrences, outside of the Team America tasks, were few and far between. On the live feeds, Donny followed a strict, regimented, largely predictable schedule which didn’t include many off-beat or amusing moments.

Even though he was a social stick-in-the-mud and not the most lively HouseGuest Big Brother has ever cast, being a quirky Southern gentleman and treating people with more kindness and sincerity than any of the others, won him many, many hearts.

Rating: 6 / 10


Final HouseGuest Rating: 8 / 20

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