Frankie: I was a beast, Caleb: I was betrayed

Frankie: I was a beast, Caleb: I was betrayed

So close but yet so far. Members of the core alliance that ran the table this season on Big Brother, Frankie and Caleb saw their dreams come crashing down at the hands of those they trusted the most. Now as members of the jury, both will have the last word when they crown a winner on the finale next Wednesday night.

A controversial figure before he even entered the Big Brother house, Frankie Grande turned out to be one of the better competitors this season. Some fans cried foul when they learned about his famous sister, pop singer and TV star Ariana Grande, but Frankie is making no apologies to them or anyone else.

“I won the most HOHs, I won the most competitions, I was a beast.  I believe that who you are outside of the house should not come into play when you’re inside of the house,” he told “If other houseguests chose to allow who I am outside of the house to affect them, that is their prerogative.  If it were me, I would not care, I would think it was cool so I do not believe it was an unfair advantage at all.”

Much was also made of Frankie’s turbulent friendship with his fellow HouseGuest Zach Rance. The best of friends at times and the best of enemies at times, the pair nicknamed “Zankie” by fans were often inseparable in the house. Frankie hopes they can remain the same on the outside.

“I adore Zach and I know that we will have a long, deep friendship outside of this house.  It was a necessary evil to break apart Zankie, but one that I did with a very heavy heart,” said Frankie.

While Frankie’s relationship with Zack sent fans on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, Caleb’s preoccupation with Amber had some viewers of the live feeds cringing. Since he has had some time to ponder things over, Caleb might just be seeing the situation from a different perspective now.

“Yeah, I am definitely interested in getting to know her (Amber) more and becoming friends with her and seeing where it goes. The key to that question is, does she? Both people have to feel the same way. I will at least be her friend,” he told

Victoria 3

Although he was not shocked at all by his boot on Wednesday, Caleb was stunned to discover that Derrick had always been more loyal to Cody than him. Caleb admits he feels betrayed by Derrick but blames himself for not winning the Power of Veto to ensure his own safety in the game.

“Honestly, I knew I was leaving so half of his speech I wasn’t even listening to but I did hear that and was like…Wow!…because Derrick and I have had a final two for a long time. So to hear he had another final two just showed me where his loyalty really lies,” he said.

Throughout his entire time on the series, Caleb maintained that loyalty, beyond anything else, was the most important attribute in the game, according to his perspective. Does he believe his loyalty to Derrick and Cody cost him the win? Maybe.

“It was loyalty that got me where I was, but at the end of the day, loyalty also sent me out,” he said.

With rumours of another possible All-Star season on the horizon, it should come as no surprise that Frankie has already thrown his hat into the ring.

“Sign me up for All-Stars! Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to play this game with other people of my calibre,” he said.

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