First part of final HoH decided

First part of final HoH decided

By John Powell –

Vanessa has made it to the last phase of the final HoH competition. Last night’s endurance challenge held exclusively on the live feeds lasted approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes.

As the winner, Vanessa gets a bye into the final round while Steve and Liz have to do battle in the second. Vanessa will face the winner in the final phase.

The winner of the final round will decide who is the last jury member and who sits beside them to argue their case in front of the jury at the Big Brother finale.


The first part of the final HoH competition had the HouseGuests hanging onto swinging ropes, being repeatedly dipped in coloured goo (representing a candy coating of some sort) and then being slammed against a padded barrier (representing a mouth) in a carnival-like setting. At times, they were also sprayed with powder and confetti.

Steve fell first leaving Vanessa and Liz to battle it out.  As he paced back and forth wrapped in a towel, the two women chatted to each other.

“You know everything and I suck,” said Liz about her memory skills and part two of the competition.

“It is not like that. I would have dropped an hour ago,” said Vanessa insisting the next phase would not be a memory or mental test. “It is running around, it is speed.”

Vanessa maintained she was not going to give up.

“You have a way better shot in the next round,” she said just before they were slammed into the padded wall once again as Steve sat humming to himself.

“I am not letting go. You are going to be ruined for that round. I will not quit this. I have ten hours in me. You want to ruin yourself for Round Two, stick around. This is my only shot in the final two,” Vanessa warned.

On their next swing over the water, Liz dropped in.

“Thank you, Liz,” said Vanessa.

On the live eviction show, Johnny Mac became the latest member of the Big Brother jury. On the block beside him, Vanessa won the Power of Veto becoming the sole vote to evict.

“How can I trust the promises that you have only recently made to me? Ultimately, I hope you can respect this for the game move that it is,” said Vanessa as she voted Johnny Mac out.


Booted for the second time, Johnny Mac admitted to host Julie Chen he would have done the same thing to Vanessa, if he was in her shoes.

“I would have evicted her,” he confessed.


When asked about his overall strategy, Johnny Mac said he was just flying by the seat of his pants most of the time but regretted not turning on Steve earlier in the game.

On Sunday’s show, the first half of the Head of Household competition will play out. It is not known whether the second phase will be shown on the live feeds which usually go dark days before the finale.

The finale of Big Brother airs next Wednesday night on Global.


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