Big Brother Spoilers: Fireworks After Veto Ceremony on Live Feed

Big Brother Spoilers: Fireworks After Veto Ceremony on Live Feed
Big Brother Spoilers: Veto Ceremony Week 2 Results | BB19 Live Feed News

By John Powell – GlobalTV

Heated words and accusations flew following today’s Veto meeting in the Big Brother 19 house.

HOH and POV winner, Paul [Abrahamian], took Josh [Martinez] off the block and put Cody [Nickson] up in his place as per his plan to backdoor Cody.

Either Cody, Alex [Ow] or Ramses [Soto] will be voted out this week. Ramses put himself on the block due to his nomination curse.

When the live feed returned, there was no love lost between Jessica [Graf] and Josh, who had the POV necklace around his neck.

“Why don’t you hop your ass on out of here? Who is going to look like the biggest fool?” Josh asked Jessica in the kitchen.

“You do because you are such a pawn on either side of the house and you are doing everyone’s dirty work for them,” said Jessica still wearing her frog costume as per the curse/punishment this week.

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“You are going home next week and that is perfect,” Josh replied.

“Baby, I can go home. I am not scared but you are literally a pawn on both sides of the house. Everyone is using you,” said Jessica.

“..and I own that but if I go home, you are going to go home before me. If I am a pawn, send me home but if they (Jessica and Cody) go home before me, I will be happy,” said Josh to the rest of the house.

Retreating to the bathroom, Cody and Jessica discussed the Veto ceremony.

“He (Paul) was shaking the entire time. Like, it was really intimidating. He looked like he was about to s—t his pants. Is he aware that we weren’t blindsided? His speech literally did nothing. We knew that this was coming,” Jessica laughed.

“All right, I am done giving him air time,” said Cody.

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