Devin discusses life inside, outside of the Big Brother house

Devin discusses life inside, outside of the Big Brother house

Long after this season of Big Brother is over, fans will remember Devin Shepherd. Devin had a big impact on not only his fellow HouseGuests but viewers as well. Sometimes too honest for his own good, Devin may not be remembered as one of the most calculating of players but he did shake things up unlike any other HouseGuest this season thus far and could always be counted on to bring the type of drama that fans love. talked with Devin and not only did he speak candidly about his time on Big Brother but also about his life outside the house and his very personal battles.

John Powell: I think one of your best moments in the house was when you and Frankie had a private moment in the HoH room and shared your recovery stories. Can you share some of your experiences with us?

Devin Shepherd: I battled with a little bit of substance abuse when I was playing with the Cardinals; when I was 20 to 23 years old. I had to do two stints in rehab. I was addicted to prescription medication, Xanax, and it was tough.

I had an anxiety disorder. It was hard for me to be around a large group of people for a period of time. For me, what I learned in rehab is that you have to constantly better yourself as a person. It is tough but everything in life is tough but you have to constantly persevere and push through. If you do, you will find yourself rewarded. You have to never give up and you have to always put your best foot forward.

I was really proud of Frankie when he was talking about his sobriety. I am always there to help somebody who continues to struggle and wants to get out of that lifestyle, for sure.

John Powell: Have you given any thought to sharing your experiences with others to maybe inspire or help them?

Devin Shepherd: I would definitely love to tell my story to other people, mainly to the youth of our country. It really scares me, me being a father with a two-year-old daughter, the stuff that goes on in schools today, kids experimenting with alcohol and drugs, especially at such a younger age now. It is really scary. I can only imagine what might be happening when my daughter is in high school so I would definitely love to reach out to youth. They are our future.

John Powell: Can you explain a bit about the situation with your daughter? Watching the live feeds and the TV episodes it was a bit confusing for fans to understand the situation.

Devin Lost 1

Devin Shepherd: I was dating a girl for about a year and decided that wasn’t the best option or situation to raise my daughter so what I decided to do was move to Texas where my brother, my mom and my sister live. I started working with them. The whole plan behind that was, in California it is really expensive. I couldn’t see myself ever owning a home and being able to provide for my daughter in the state of California because of how expensive it is. I moved to Texas and was there for three to four months trying to get everything set. My daughter and her mother were going to move to Texas in September and we were going to raise her separately there.

Then, Big Brother happened and I hadn’t seen her in three months because I was trying to get things set in stone there and set up for her.

John Powell: We saw two different Devins in the Big Brother house. One was really competitive and the other was quite emotional at times. What brought about that change in you?

Devin Shepherd: We had a lot of pre-house media day interviews and I went into the game saying I would play with honour, integrity and loyalty. I meant everything that I said.

The huge thing for me is that when my daughter goes off to college one day, I talked about her a lot because she is the most important thing to me in my life, she and her friends will gather around the computer and they will share stories about their familes. I don’t want my daughter to be on the computer, look up BB16 and be embarrassed by the things that I have done.

Going into the house, as soon as I walked in the front door, Boogie, Rachel, Dan and Hayden had been my favourite players. They weren’t always the most honest people. They had to do things that weren’t in their character in the game.

I was stuck in a moral conflict because I was like…Okay, I can do this. I can be fake in here and not care about the people but at the end of the day, there is so much downtime and you bond. They become your family. They are your brothers, your sisters, your mom and your dad. I couldn’t bear to backstab Donny and some of the other people. It really broke me down. It was all genuine.

John Powell: In his Veto speech, some of which didn’t air on television, Zach said some pretty awful things about you on a personal level. How do you feel about Zach now and how did you keep yourself in check when he was hitting you below the belt like that?

Devin Shepherd: I love Zach. He is an awesome kid. He means a lot to many people, including myself. He is 23. He is growing. The way I kept myself under wraps and in check was is I believe sometimes the best way to respond is to not respond so I decided not to respond.

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