Christine defies critics

Christine defies critics

Christine is making no apologies. Not to Big Brother fans and not to her former HouseGuests.

On last week’s live eviction show, Christine walked out without saying farewell to any of the remaining players upon being voted out. Although to some her actions may have seemed bitter, to Christine it was all a matter of not pretending to be something that she is not.

”I do not regret it one bit. As a superfan, I always hated when people hugged the people who just back stabbed them. I am not a fake person in reality, so I couldn’t hug any of them,” she told

Although it was controversial to some fans, with even Big Brother host Julie Chen saying Christine made “a fool out of her husband”, Christine maintains she will be continuing her friendship with Cody outside of the house.

”Cody and I were good friends so we will definitely stay in touch. This is all a game so I completely understand,” she said of his betrayal last week.

While it didn’t totally work out how she would have liked, Christine’s strategy going into the house was to be a part of a larger alliance but also have a sub-alliance as her safety net.

Christine believes her fatal flaw was working so closely with Frankie and then revealing her true feelings about him. She believes that accelerated her demise. Still, despite it all, she thinks Frankie has no equal this season.

“I think Frankie is playing the best game because he is very good with his words,” she said.

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