Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Alliance indecision on eviction day

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Alliance indecision on eviction day

By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

The main alliance in the Celebrity Big Brother house is still debating who to send packing tonight.

Ross, James, Ariadna, Brandi, Marissa, Mark and Shannon met and ran scenarios debating whether the vote will be Omarosa or Keshia as too many of them are still on the fence.

Brandi in particular lobbied hard for Omarosa to leave. There are just too many personal issues between them and Brandi hasn’t forgiven her for the fight they had about Omarosa’s chat with Chuck.

“If it is the two of them up there, we vote for Keshia,” Ross confirmed with everyone. If Keshia wins Veto, they elected to send Omarosa out.

Mark volunteered to go up on the block if either Keshia or Omarosa win Veto and everyone swore on Brandi’s children that they wouldn’t vote him out.

“I am taking one for the team,” said a happy but worried Mark.

What Shannon doesn’t know is that Ross also has a plan to backdoor her out of the house tonight. Whether he will flip the switch on the scheme remains to be seen.

“We might do the Shannon thing today,” Ross told Mark as they spoke outside the HoH Room.

“It is the best idea ever. I am so glad to hear that,” said Mark.

Ross said he is just worried about whether James would be mad or glad that Shannon is gone. He warned Mark not to say anything to anyone.

Who is going home tonight? Will it be Shannon, Keshia or Omarosa?

Tune into to see the live eviction tonight 8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT on Global.


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