Brittany: BB16 women a disappointment

Brittany: BB16 women a disappointment

She had the three greatest reasons in the world to dominate the Big Brother game. Although she was playing for a better life for her children, Brittany Martinez, like many Big Brother 16 players before her, just didn’t make a crucial move early enough to propel herself forward and guarantee her safety in the game.

Speaking with, the spirited mom and event coordinator spoke about her frustration with how the other women are playing and how she felt alone in a house with 15 other HouseGuests.

John Powell: As feed viewers can attest to, your time in the Big Brother house was an emotional roller coaster ride. What was it that got to you?

Brittany Martinez: It was just really hard leaving my kids behind and feeling like there was nobody to turn to or confide in. You cannot trust anybody in the house. I definitely felt alone. I felt like I had so much more that I was leaving behind. A lot of people in the house cannot relate to that, except Derrick and Jocasta. I did tend to turn to Jocasta quite often when I would miss my kids. We would pray together but it was definitely me leaving my family behind. That was so hard for me, just not being able to call them or see them.

John Powell: What are some of the challenges you faced in the house?

Brittany Martinez: It was an emotional roller coaster for me. It was just so hard to get a sleep pattern going and gather your thoughts. The shower situation alone was definitely hard. You have to share one shower with all those other people. There is only one bathroom. You have to really forget about the cameras that are watching you otherwise you will drive yourself insane.

I have never actually had a roommate before so coming into the house and instantly having 15 roommates was pretty crazy. They were pigs. I have never been around so many people who would literally fart and not care. The manners? I could not believe these people. How some of the girls would sit there and eat chomping with their mouths open, I just wanted to scold them when they are sitting and eating like that. It was definitely an interesting experience in so many different ways.

John Powell: It was great to have your kids there when you came out of the house. How did that make you feel?

Brittany Martinez: I just got goose bumps when you asked me that. Your question took me back to those feelings. I was not expecting that surprise at all. I know Big Brother is full of surprises but that is one thing that never crossed my mind.

When Julie (Chen) asked me what was the hardest part, I broke down because even though I live close to Big Brother, I live only 30 minutes away, I felt like that car ride was going to feel like forever. When that curtain opened, I was just overwhelmed with emotion. Seeing my daughter, who was bawling and my son River had the soccer ball I accomplished all those goals with, it was such an amazing surprise.

Brittany Out 2

John Powell: This year, there seems to be many HouseGuests who are solitary players. They are not forming alliances. They are content to be on their own. You were there in the house, why do you think they are playing the way they are?

Brittany Martinez: It is very important to have an alliance because that is what keeps you in the house. I thought Donny was playing as a solo player, Jocasta and me. The only reason why I was, was because I thought it was too soon to form an alliance. If I would have made it an extra week, I was going in the direction of hopefully working with Derrick and Cody.

John Powell: Derrick and Cody had a love / hate relationship with you. One week they saved you and the next they worked to get you out. How do you feel about them now that your are out of the house?

Brittany Martinez: When I came home, my dad was furious. He could not stand Derrick. He was so upset. I told everyone, even though they wanted me out and they were backstabbing me, it doesn’t define who they are people outside of the house. I will always be friends with Cody and Derrick. I adore them. I think they are amazing people. They saw me as a threat and it was clear they could not manipulate how I was going to vote or how I was going to play the game. I was going to play the game how I wanted to play the game. A lot of the other girls in that house were letting the other HouseGuests play for them. I think Derrick was just very aware of the fact that I was going to be a strong player and that I could possibly be coming after him, if I were to find out anything about what was going on.

John Powell: The consensus amongst many fans is that unlike Big Brother Canada 2 which had some very strong female personalities, that the females on Big Brother USA have been a disappointment. Do you agree?

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Brittany Martinez: It is disappointing especially with Christine and Nicole because they are supposed to be “super fans”. You would think they would be more aggressive with how they are playing the game. It is almost like all the girls are floating and not even playing. I think I even said to Christine and Nicole…”This is your game. Play your game. Don’t let everyone else play it for you.” Really, they are just going to end up being picked apart and picked off. Maybe they will make it a bit further being pawns but they are basically holding Derrick’s hand and they are walking him to the $500,000. They are helping him get there and pretty much just getting picked off.

Brittany Martinez: It is disappointing the girls not sticking up for them and aren’t playing more aggressively. It is almost like it is very predictable with how they are going to play their game. I dunno. I just didn’t want to play like that. A lot of people have asked me why I didn’t form an alliance with Jocasta, Donny and Victoria but to me I didn’t feel they were strong players other than Donny. I loved Jocasta but I felt like I was going to have to hold her hand and play the game for myself and her.

John Powell: Another bone of contention with fans is Caleb’s fascination with Amber. How did you see the situation when you were in the house?

Brittany Martinez: Caleb is going to come out of that house and all of his guy friends are going to make fun of him. It is creepy how much he will watch her from the windows and stuff. How he will look in the mirrors and watch every move she is making. You can just tell he is cringing inside and his blood is boiling. You can tell how upset he gets. Amber doesn’t lead him on or even give him the time of day so he has basically ruined his whole game.

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