Big Brother’s Top 20 villains of all time

Big Brother’s Top 20 villains of all time

A reality show villain can take many shape and forms. They can be someone you just love to hate or someone you just hate. In the 15 seasons of Big Brother, there have been Houseguests who have been stricken off a lot of people’s Christmas card lists for a number of atrocious reasons. Here are the most detested Big Brother Houseguests of all time.

20. Will Kirby – Big Brother 2, All-Stars
Hero, villain, it is all the same to Dr. Evil and his fans. While he has a very strong and enthusiastic following, there are those who didn’t appreciate his tactics. As far as entertaining baddies, he would be at the top of the list but as a disliked villain, he sits at the bottom.

19. Danielle Reyes – Big Brother 3, All-Stars
Danielle is in the same boat as Will Kirby.  Even though most die-hard fans appreciate and admire Danielle’s gameplay, there are those who felt her Diary Room sessions during Season 3 were arrogant and downright rude.

18. Rachel Reilly – Big Brother 12, 13
Like Alison, Rachel is another Big Brother redemption story. Her first appearance made her a very polarizing figure. You either loved her or you hated her. Her return the follow season showed a more tempered and determined Rachel who won over some fans she had lost.

17. Jean Jordan – Big Brother 1
Another HouseGuest who divided public opinion, Jean was admired for her honesty by some and disliked for her inflated ego by others.

16. Shannon Dragoo – Big Brother 2
The only female member of ChillTown, Shannon will always be remembered for her relationship with Will and scrubbing the toilet with Hardy’s toothbrush.

15. Alison Irwin – Big Brother 4, All-Stars
Although she redeemed her Big Brother reputation to a degree by appearing on the All-Stars season as a somewhat more mature woman, her spiteful behaviour towards fellow HouseGuest Robert Roman wasn’t entirely erased for people’s memories.

14. Dick Donato – Big Brother 8, 13
So much to love. Who could ever forget Dick’s absolutely riotous reign of terror? So much to hate. Who could ever forget Dick pouring ice tea over Jen’s head? Like him or hate him, he was entertainment gold for Big Brother. Photo by Getty

13. Mike “Boogie” Malin – Big Brother 2, All-Stars
While he does have his fans, Mike’s self-assured attitude and treatment of Erika during the All-Stars game made many into haters.

12. Shelly Moore – Big Brother 13
To say using deep personal bonds and her family to manipulate the other HouseGuests did not go over well with fans is an understatement.

11. Ivette Corredero – Big Brother 6
Some of the negative feelings towards Ivette were certainly derived from her association with Maggie and The Friendship Alliance but her clashes with Kaysar and others didn’t help her cause either.

10. William Collins – Big Brother 1
Although not a terrible guy, his constant bickering and inability to get his message across in a productive and progressive way really got on viewers’ nerves. If he had followed the advice of the wise Cassandra, he might not have been the first person ever voted out of Big Brother USA.

9. Jun Song – Big Brother 4
Like her partner in crime, Alison, Jun is viewed as one of the most detested Big Brother finalists. Her distasteful comments and conduct in the house had the jury threatening not to vote for either her or Alison.

8. GinaMarie Zimmerman – Big Brother 15
She said what she said. She did what she did. She lost her job. She lost fans. The fallout speaks for itself.

7. Ronnie Talbott – Big Brother 11
To most, he will always be The Rat.

6. Willie Hantz – Big Brother 14
Many were not surprised when he eventually received his walking papers.
5. Amanda Zuckerman – Big Brother 15
Unabashedly brash and quite malicious at times, Amanda was her own worst enemy in the house.

4. Andy Herren – Big Brother 15
Code Red’s sneaky ways were not looked upon very favourably.

3. Maggie Ausburn – Big Brother 6
Maggie played a truly brilliant game but being the leader of the infamous Friendship alliance sunk her popularity.

2. Aaryn Gries – Big Brother 15
Like Gina, her comments, actions on the series and the consequences pretty much says it all.

1. Justin Sebik – Big Brother 2
To this day, there isn’t much sympathy for Justin and his removal from the house over the notorious knife incident.

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