Big Brother 19 Jury Begins With Cody Nickson & Elena Davis

Big Brother 19 Jury Begins With Cody Nickson & Elena Davis
Big Brother 19 Jury Begins With Cody Nickson & Elena Davis | BB19 Spoilers, Live Feed Updates & Latest News

By: John Powell –

The Big Brother 19 jury house is filling up. On the live double eviction show two Houseguests were shown the door.

Cody Nickson, the ex-Marine, who described himself as the “safe target” this week, was voted out for a second time this season.

During his plea not to be voted out, Cody claimed HoH (Head of Household) Alex Ow and her partner Jason Dent played a “dirty game” targeting Matt Clines and Paul Abrahamian.

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Upon being voted out, Cody immediately hopped across the living room table, grabbed his bag and left the house.

“I made up those plans. They never came to me with those plans. I did that for Jessica [Graf],” Cody admitted to host Julie Chen.

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“Everyone is playing it safe in there. They are not going after each other. They have gone after me and Jessica for weeks. It is about time somebody stirred something up and they went after each other,” Cody continued.

The second Houseguest to leave was radio personality, Elena Davies.

Jason won Head of Household and nominated showmance partners, Mark Jansen and Elena. When Mark won the POV (Power of Veto) and used it to save himself, Jason was forced to nominate Matt in Mark’s place.

Mark was the only vote against Matt.

“You kind of hit a wall. When there is an easy target, it is easier for them to play that game. Nobody wanted to make a big move,” Elena explained to Chen about being unable to turn the tide in the house.

On tomorrow night’s (August 18) special episode, Big Brother season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur will surprise the Houseguests. On Sunday, August 20, viewers will see who is the new Head of Household and which two Houseguests were nominated for eviction. Plus, a new ‘Temptation Twist’ is also being unleashed into the game.

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