Big Brother jurors have their say

Big Brother jurors have their say

They may be out of the Big Brother house but Hayden and Jocasta still have a lot to say about the game and their former HouseGuests.

Hayden Voss, the happy-go-lucky pedicab driver from California, has revenge on his mind if he has the chance to re-enter the house.

John Powell: Did you ever think your relationship with Nicole would make you a target in the house? Do you think that is the reason the other HouseGuests voted you out?

Hayden Voss: “I knew it would make us somewhat of a target but we did keep it hush so I didn’t think it was going to lead to what it did.”

John Powell: Do you have any regrets? For example: Do you wish you had played a more aggressive game?

Hayden Voss: “I don’t really wish I played a more aggressive game but I do regret trusting Derrick and Cody after not trusting them in the beginning. I should have trusted my gut.”

John Powell: What was your strategy going into the game?

Hayden Voss: “My strategy going into the game was to first form personal relationships, then play it week by week until I needed to get super involved which is what I was working on, but it didn’t pan out according to plan.”

John Powell: Were you shocked at hearing the news that you might return to the game?

Hayden Voss: “You can never be shocked in this game. It’s impossible!”


John Powell: If you were given a second chance, who would you target, what would you do?

Hayden Voss: “I would target Derrick and Cody and I’d tell them to their faces right away!”

Criticized for her lack of gameplay this season, Jocasta denies she didn’t make any moves.

John Powell: Even though you were in danger being on the block, this week you didn’t really campaign to stay. Why didn’t you play harder not just this week but all season long?

Jocasta Odom: “This week I campaigned with the four people I thought would at least give me a split vote. Yet, if I would have campaigned with the other people, it would have gotten me evicted. I would have been darned if I do, darned if I don’t. I felt like I played the game that would keep me here the longest. I felt if I played too hard too soon, it would put me out early. That’s why my social game brought me this far. I don’t feel that I didn’t play at all.”


John Powell: Did you have a strategy coming into the house? What was your goal?

Jocasta Odom: “I did have a strategy coming into the house but the Battle of the Block changed my strategy drastically. My goal was to win, like anyone else, duh.”

John Powell: No matter which side of the house someone was on, you always were there to offer them a shoulder to cry on or words of wisdom. You were definitely a comforting presence in the house. What do you think will happen now that you are gone and did your personal relationships mean more than the money, the game?


Jocasta Odom: “Don’t really think I had personal relationships, I just think I’m a good person which was part of my social strategy. I wanted to be me and see how far being me would get me.”

John Powell: Who is your favourite to win and why?

Jocasta Odom: “I would like to see Donny and Hayden go far.”

John Powell: As a minister, do you feel you compromised any of your beliefs by being on the show and what do you say to the people who think people shouldn’t bring religion into the house or the game?

Jocasta Odom: “I brought religion into the house because I am a believer, so bringing me into the house is bringing God into the house. I don’t think I compromised any of my beliefs.”

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