Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Veto Gets Played – Week 6 Ceremony Results

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Veto Gets Played – Week 6 Ceremony Results
Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Veto Ceremony Week 6 Results | BB19 Live Feed News Updates

By: John Powell –

The POV (Power of Veto) has been used and another Big Brother 19 houseguest is in the firing line, facing eviction.

Mark Jansen, the Veto winner took himself off the block. This forced the HOH (Head of Household), Josh Martinez,  to nominate another person in his place. Josh picked Raven Walton.

The final nominations for the week are now Raven, Jessica Graf and Elena Davies.

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In the kitchen on the live feeds, Matt Clines, Josh, Raven and Christmas Abbott couldn’t understand why Mark used the Veto to pull himself off the block.

“I swear to God, if I have two votes against me I will murder Mark! I will murder him!” Raven said.

“It would be one of the stupidest moves of all time but he’s…Mark,” sighed Matt.

“There were no benefits to Mark pulling himself off the block,” said Christmas.

“For him? There was zero,” chimed in Matt. “The fact that he doesn’t have the foresight or the understanding to realize that is baffling.”

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