Big Brother 19 Recap: And the Evicted Houseguest Is…

Big Brother 19 Recap: And the Evicted Houseguest Is…
Big Brother 19 Recap - Week 6: Thursday Night Eviction, Episode 21 | BB19 Latest News

By: John Powell –

With the overwhelming majority of the Big Brother 19 house against her, it was no surprise that Jessica Graf was voted out this week.

It is also no surprise that her Big Brother beau, Cody Nickson,  was the only vote to keep her in the game.

“I had to leave my best friend in there so it was hard,” Graf told host Julie Chen about being evicted from the Big Brother house.

When asked why she didn’t work deals with the other houseguests after losing the POV (Power of Veto) competition, Jessica said after all she went through she felt defeated and except for Cody, all of the house was against her.

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Alex Ow won the HOH (Head of Household) for the second time this season. She beat the others in a memory competition involving a live magic show.

Alex will make her nominations for eviction over the weekend. The final Temptation Competition and the Power of Veto Competition will also be held.

Also, Julie Chen announced that there will be no jury ‘Battle Back’ this year and next Thursday’s (August 17) show will be a double eviction episode.

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