BB17 Trendwatch: Indoor Sunglasses

BB17 Trendwatch: Indoor Sunglasses

Take it straight from the BB17 houseguests themselves – wearing sunglasses indoors is officially a trend in the Big Brother house this season. The question is, who is wearing what and when?  Here’s a look at the trend that is sweeping through the Big Brother house at the moment.

While trying to nap, James wears a mirrored lens retro wayfarer to avoid the rantings of Da’Vonne in the have not room.
BB17 Sunglasses Indoors

Is there one twin who is more on trend than the other? This cat’s-eye mirrored number is being utilized in order to mask an emotional breakdown.
BB17 Indoor Sunglasses Liz

Professional Poker player Vanessa is no stranger to wearing sunglasses indoors to cover up tells. Question is, is she TOO dependent on indoor sunglasses?
BB17 Indoor Sunglasses Vanessa

Audrey and Vanessa go head to head in a battle of ‘Who Wore It Best’ the Indoor Sunglasses edition.
BB17 Indoor SunglassesBB17 Indoor Sunglasses Vanessa

But Jackie wins hands down for proper use of sunglasses in the BB17 house. Outdoors, breezy, beachy.

Tune in Sundays 8e/pt, Wednesdays 8e/p, and Thursdays 9e/p to catch all the indoor sunglasses action and to find out what will trend next in the BB17 house.


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