Austwins furious after HoH competition

Austwins furious after HoH competition

By John Powell –

Everything has come up aces for Vanessa once again.

The professional poker player from Las Vegas is Head of Household for the third time this season.

Vanessa won a very short endurance challenge which lasted less than 20 minutes. The HouseGuests had to hold onto their rope as huge hands, walls sent them spinning into the air. The competition began on the television broadcast and then ended shortly after the live feeds returned from the usual blackout.

The last five remaining HouseGuests in the challenge were Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Becky, Liz and Jackie. The jurors (Johnny Mac, Becky, Jackie and Shelli) were all competing to win a second chance at playing the game. The last surviving juror would be the winner. John and Vanessa were the finalists.


“I know I am safe but I got to do what I got to do,” Johnny Mac told Vanessa on the live feeds as they tried to work out a deal. He promised her safety.

Vanessa said she wanted to win so she could get a letter from her girlfriend, Mel.

“I haven’t gotten a letter at all,” Johnny Mac responded.

“I can go for a long time,” warned Vanessa. “Honestly, I could go for another hour and a half.”

Johnny Mac insisted Vanessa was safe if she fell. Vanessa maintained she wanted that letter from home.

Johnny Mac fell a few seconds later becoming a HouseGuest once again but losing the HoH title to Vanessa.

“Good job and congratulations,” Vanessa said to Johnny Mac as she hugged him.


“Yes! I get to hear from Mel,” shouted Vanessa as she jumped up and down in the backyard.

“You guys look so happy to see me,” joked Johnny Mac as he hugged everyone.

Earlier in the evening, Johnny Mac was unanimously voted out of the house.

In one of the bedrooms after the competition, the twins and Austin groused over the return of Johnny Mac.

“He needs to get out of here,” said a bitter Liz.

“He will if he doesn’t win the Veto,” piped in Austin. “I am so pissed. I cannot believe all of those jurors just dropped off.”

“You have no idea how scared I was because he would have put me and Austin up on the block,” said Liz of Johnny Mac coming so close to winning HoH. “I am scared he is going to win Veto.”


“Are you crying,” Julia asked Liz.

“No, I am just so pissed. He has a vengeance towards us for like, no reason,” replied Liz.

The conclusion of the HoH competition and Vanessa’s nominations for eviction will air on Sunday’s broadcast.

On the live show, host Julie Chen announced that next Thursday’s show will be another double eviction episode.

Big Brother airs on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on Global.


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