And the winner is…

And the winner is…
And the winner is…

By John Powell –

You cannot get any closer than that. In an all Level 6 Alliance final, Kaycee beat Tyler by one, single vote to win Big Brother 20.

JC, Angela, Brett, Haleigh voted for Tyler to win while Sam, Scottie, Rockstar, Bayleigh and Faysal voted for Kaycee.

When it came to the Hive Alliance, everyone except for Haleigh voted for Kaycee to win.

“My family, the Philippines, down here, everyone! My family for sure!” said Kaycee when host Julie Chen-Moonves asked her what she was going to do with the $500,000 prize.

While also claiming $50,000 for coming in second, Tyler also won $25,000 for being named America’s Favourite Houseguest by the viewers.

Tyler bested both Kaycee and JC in Jetpack Attack, the first part of the final HoH. Kaycee beat JC in Mount Evictus, the second phase. In Jury Oddcasts, Kaycee defeated Tyler to win the final HoH of the season. She elected to bring Tyler to the final two, evicting JC.


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