2015 Big Brother Awards

2015 Big Brother Awards

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

As the pool is emptied, the Memory Wall goes dark and another season of Big Brother sadly comes to an end, we want to recognize the best and worst of Big Brother 17.

From the worst dressed to the best schemer, here are your 2015 Big Brother Awards.

The Susan Richards Award
: Named after The Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four and awarded to the HouseGuest who had the least impact on the series.meg5Winner: Meg Maley
No personality. No strong gameplay. Never took the game to heart. It wouldn’t have mattered if she was voted out the very first week.

The Dr. Will Kirby Award
: Awarded to the best schemer.vanessa
Winner: Vanessa Rousso
One of the most aggressive players to ever be cast on Big Brother, Vanessa was in game mode every minute of every day. She was always plotting and always working every angle. The hardest working HouseGuest on Big Brother 17.

The Diamond Power Of Veto Award
: Given to the most noteworthy inanimate object or prop.jm3Winners: The inflatable shark and Steve’s bear Coco
Once it was introduced into the house, the shark was not only the perfect symbolic addition  but also became more popular than some of the HouseGuests. Steve’s bear, security blanket, actually had better game than some of the players this season.

The Chima Simone Award
: Presented to the player who had the most dramatic breakdown.audreyrest
Winner: Audrey Middleton
One of the most fascinating and dramatic HouseGuests in the history of Big Brother, Audrey’s infamous breakdown before her nomination and eviction will be remembered for all the wrong reasons, sadly.

The Annie Whittington, Big Brother Saboteur Award
: In recognition of the worst twist this season.bpbWinner: The Battle of the Block
The twist that most fans never wanted to see again returned for a good portion of the season. Here’s hoping we have seen the last of it. Forever. Goodbye. Adios. Good riddance.

The Rumble in the Jungle Award
: Awarded to the best fight or argument of the season.30_fightaudrey8
Winners: Audrey Versus Jace, Audrey Versus Da’Vonne, Everyone Versus Audrey (Tie)
Three heavyweight Big Brother brawls with Audrey as the common element and catalyst. Stirring up trouble and playing mind games with the others was Audrey’s forte.

The Richard Blackwell Award
: Presented to the worst dressed HouseGuest.austin1
Winner: Austin Matelson
Does dude even own a shirt? Match this with his poor personal hygiene and you have a real walking disaster. Turn the fire hose on him already.

The But first… Award
: Awarded to the most overused phrase of the season.audreynewWinners:
“Empirical evidence” and “Down to brass tacks” (Tie)
Audrey and Austin coined the phrases and the HouseGuests have run them into the ground. Plugging my ears now…La. La. La.

The Best Showmance Award
Winners: Shelli and Clay
While Austin and Liz certainly got more air time, their popularity as a couple was beyond abysmal therefore Shelli and Clay’s love affair edges them out.

The Best Dressed AwardnewtwinsWinners: Julia, Liz
When they did got dressed up here and there for the live shows, the twins showed a lot of sophistication, more than any of the other HouseGuests…and yes, we mean you shoeless Austin.

Worst HOH Awardbecky6
Winner: Becky Burges
Kaboom! A disastrous reign with everyone turning on Basic Becky and voting out Shelli instead of her  target Vanessa. If everyone had followed through, the game could have turned out very differently.

The Dr. Will-Forfeits-Everything Awardjm1Winner: Johnny Mac
Awarded to the Mac Attack for throwing every possible competition he could this season as part of his overall strategy. Word has it that in preparation for Big Brother All-Stars 2, he has already thrown 3 competitions. Good job!

Worst Showmanceaustin3

Winners: Liz and Austin
According to most fans, the producers should have mailed out sick bags to the viewers as soon as Liz and Austin felt that…”spark”.

The Lawon Exum Award
: Awarded to the worst player of the season.meg1

Winner: Meg Maley
She never had a clue. The toaster played a better Big Brother game. Seriously. No joke. We aren’t kidding.

Big Brother MVPsix_vanessa

Winner: Vanessa Rousso
A challenge and strategic threat, Vanessa was undoubtedly the most well-rounded and best player this season.

Best Alliance


Winners: The Austwins
Even though they were huge targets in the game, they managed to make to the final phase intact. Like them or not, it was an amazing accomplishment by Big Brother standards.

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