Watch Ryan Gosling break character all over SNL!

Watch Ryan Gosling break character all over SNL!
He can do so many things at once, except not laugh while acting.

While hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, Ryan Gosling had some trouble keeping a straight face. How charming (and a little bit vindicating) it was to see the Breaker High star lose face after spending most of his monologue denying his Canadian-ness:

Now on to the breaking: in a sketch about alien abduction, SNL cast member Kate McKinnon (well known for her hilariously spot-on Justin Bieber impression) made the Ontario born-and-raised movie star break character. To be fair to Gosling at this point, not even the veteran cast member Bobby Moynihan could keep from laughing:

Unfortunately for Gosling, though, it didn’t stop there. In a sketch wherein he returned to his hometown Cornwall, Ontario, Gosling yet again had to choke back laughter – but a little yelp of a chortle got through after Kyle Mooney removed his shirt. If you watch the background, you can again see Bobby Moynihan break his straight face again, too:

He tried his hardest, though, and still hosted a darn good episode of SNL. Like in the sketch where he plays the lame dad at the party (and is also picked out by his daughter’s friend as a total hot dad): he doesn’t completely break character in this, but you can tell he’s holding it back at some part. And really, who can blame him?

Despite Gosling having an ill-timed case of the giggles, this weekend’s SNL just goes to show that it is indeed getting better and better by the episode! So be sure to tune in next Saturday, hosted by Chris Hemsworth and featuring musical performances by Chance the Rapper, 11.30 et/pt on Global!


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