Survivor Worlds Apart: Week 8 winners, losers

Survivor Worlds Apart: Week 8 winners, losers

Game Fail: Why Joe Anglim Lost Survivor

By John Powell –

Eventually, no matter how fortunate we are, luck takes a powder and leaves us hanging. Joe Anglim fought as hard and as fierce as anyone on Survivor could have but it just wasn’t enough this season. Lady Luck turned her back just for a moment but that is all it took for Joe to have his torch snuffed.

Not part of the core alliance and with the tribal politics not shifting any time soon, Joe was at the mercy of the Immunity gods. As soon as that necklace wasn’t firmly around his neck, he was as good as gone and he was.

The game was a continual struggle for Joe but a scrappy, never-say-die underdog, Joe never gave up, making him true future all-star material.


Strategic Gameplay

When he stepped on the beach for the very first time, Joe was just a day away from battling for his life. With Vincent targeting him immediately as a threat, he found safety in an alliance.

While keeping an eye on Will due to his rogue vote, Joe made a serious strategic blunder concerning Nina’s role at the Reward/Immunity challenge but he took full responsibility for the mistake.

At the new Escameca tribe, Joe bought himself some safety by working his way into part of the plan to break up the bromance between Rodney and Joaquin.

At the merger, Joe and the No Collars executed a plan to force Kelly out of the game. After winning a Reward Challenge, he elected to strategically take Tyler, Carolyn, and Will, and Shirin with him and managed to scam the Hidden Immunity Idol clue from Carolyn.

As a Hail Mary play after finally losing an Immunity Challenge, Joe fashioned a fake Idol to try and fool the Blue Collar Alliance.

Although he may not have been the strategic mastermind within the No Collar Alliance, Joe did do his fair share of manipulation and trickery throughout the series.

Rating: 4 / 5


Social Gameplay

The only person who seemed to have an issue with Joe during the run of the series was Vincent. Everyone else had mad respect for the young punk who wouldn’t call it quits.

Building a fire without flint and an essential part of creating the shelter, Joe won No Collar’s loyalty right out of the gate.

Joe also gained admiration for admitting his mistakes and taking full responsibility for them. When he implemented the incorrect strategy during the Reward/Immunity challenge, he apologized to Nina back at camp. He also comforted her early on when she felt out of place and ignored.

While working his own alliance, Joe was also open to possible partnerships outside of his support system.

Rating: 4 / 5


Entertainment Value

Everyone likes to cheer on an underdog and the kind-hearted Joe was no exception. He fought to stay in the game right to the final Tribal Council vote, never threw in the towel and gave it his all, whether strategically or physically during the challenges.

Although he didn’t cause a lot of drama, he didn’t need to in order to be noticed or appreciated. His boy-next-door persona and casual nature won over many fans who were devastated at his sudden but expected departure.

In every way, Joe is all-star material and for all of the entertainment and effort he brought to the series, he certainly deserves a second chance to prove himself.

Rating: 10 / 10

Final Castaway Rating: 18 / 20


Powell’s Picks: Episode 8

Who played it cool and who proved themselves to be a fool? Every week John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.


Bronze Amateur: Dan Foley

He just cannot stop tearing people apart in public. What an awful social game and terrible jury management.


Silver Amateur: Rodney Lavoie Jr.

Mocking Mike in front of everyone will surely come back to haunt him and the others have to wonder what Rodney says about them when they aren’t around.


Gold Amateur: Jenn Brown

Why come so far, why endure so much just to give up? What an awful attitude.

Mike Halloway

Bronze MVP: Mike Holloway

Still wheeling and dealing on behalf of his alliance, Mike is the hardest working player in the Blue Collar Alliance.


Silver MVP: Shirin Oskooi

Last week, she tried to form a women’s alliance, this week she worked the Blue Collar Alliance and the votes to her advantage. She is fighting strong and fighting hard to stay.


Gold MVP: Joe Anglim

Although his phoney Idol plan didn’t work out, he did everything a Survivor could to not have his torched snuffed. An overall valiant and impressive effort.


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