Survivor Worlds Apart: Week 7 winners, losers

Survivor Worlds Apart: Week 7 winners, losers

Game Fail: Why Hali Ford Lost Survivor

He may be a bit of a jerk at times but Dan Foley is right, there are two types of Survivor players: people who make moves and people who let others make moves for them. Hali was a follower, definitely not a leader this season.

Joined at the hip with Jenn and the rest of the No Collars since the start of the game, Hali never really came into her own. Not presented as any kind of challenge or strategic threat, she had Jenn as her shield and there was nothing else to support her game.

A law student, surfer and avid martial artist, on paper Hali looked like a serious threat but she never really could escape Jenn’s shadow, despite having her moments here and there.


Strategic Gameplay

Although she mind-melded with Jenn quite a lot, we never got the impression that Hali was the guiding force of their alliance or at the No Collar Tribe. She never made any moves on her own, at least none that we could see on the series.

Hali definitely had the smarts and wits to become a mastermind but she elected to sit back, let others steer the ship and lay as low as possible.

Rating: 2 / 5


Social Gameplay

Putting the game aside, Hali reached out to people, demonstrating genuine apathy.

Hali was the one who took some time to talk to Nina about her feelings of being excluded and encouraged her to stay in the game and try to fit in as best she could.

Hali also took Shirin under her wing making her aware of how irritating the others found her to be and encouraged her to work hard on fitting in better and changing their minds about her.

What really stalled Hali’s game though is she didn’t seem to make any strong bonds with those outside her group. She stuck to her allies never expanding her sphere of influence.

Rating: 4 / 5


Entertainment Value

Mostly in the background or coupled with Jenn, it was hard to really get to know Hali. Here and there, we saw sparks of her infectious energy and passion for life.

She made a great power couple with Jenn and it was fascinating following their friendship and journey through the series. If she had expanded her social circle, she perhaps could have gained more influence that might have carried her further in the game.

It was refreshing for someone to put the experience ahead of the game for a moment and offer comfort to others as she did. Hali did have a heart and she shared it with others.

Hali had all the skills necessary to pose a serious threat to the others but her true strength never really materialized, perhaps because she feared being targeted if she did go all in. Another player with so much potential on so many fronts.

Rating: 7 / 10

Final Castaway Rating: 13 / 20



Powell’s Picks: Episode 7

Who played it cool and who proved themselves to be a fool? Every week John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.


Bronze Amateur: Joe Anglim

You have the clue. Why would you sit back and stop searching for the Hidden Immunity Idol? Bad, bad move.


Silver Amateur: Rodney Lavoie Jr.

Rodney just cannot keep his big trap shut. Every week he isolates and angers more and more players. At this point, even if he does make it to the end, who would award him the money based on his behaviour?


Gold Amateur: Dan Foley

It is like he is on a mission to tick off as many women as possible. What in the world is going through his mind disrespecting other players so much and belittling their gameplay right to their faces? Just like Rodney, his social game may cost him the prize.


Bronze MVP: Shirin Oskooi

Although it didn’t work out in the end, she made a move and attempted to change up the game. At least she is still fighting and thinking.


Silver MVP: Tyler Fredrickson, Mike Holloway

Tyler played the cards he was dealt to perfection proving his loyalty to the core alliance. Mike continues to lead the alliance, making bold moves and all of his determination paid off with him finding the Hidden Immunity Idol.


Gold MVP: Joe Anglim

A really strong episode for Joe. From strategically picking the right people for the Reward, to sneaking the clue away from Carolyn to winning Immunity yet again, Joe is on a roll. The question is how much longer can his luck last?


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