Survivor Worlds Apart: Week 3 winners, losers

Survivor Worlds Apart: Week 3 winners, losers

Game Fail: Why Nina Poersch Lost Survivor

By John Powell –

In Survivor, perception is reality. In such an artificial environment, what people believe easily becomes their truth no matter what common sense dictates.

Nina Poersch’s Survivor adventure was an uphill battle from the very start. Being deaf and having such a unique challenge in a game that is so focused on communicating with people and the ability to judge situations and individuals; Nina undoubtedly had to work harder than others in the No Collar Tribe to accomplish those survival tasks. It is also what made her stand out in a circumstance where blending in is so vital.

It is true the No Collar Tribe could have made more of a concerted effort from the very beginning to include Nina as part of their team but part of the reason she did not fit in rests with Nina herself. Based how things transpired, she should share some of the blame. It was unfair of the No Collar Tribe to assume she was limited in any way solely because of her disability or her age but Nina also seemed to accept her lot in Survivor life too easily at times instead of standing up and proving the tribe wrong.


Strategic Gameplay

Throughout her time on the series, we did see Nina flex her tactical muscles.

She was in the thick of things with Vince and Will when the tribal civil war began. She became their trusted confidant as they both revealed sensitive information to her.

When her back was against the wall, Nina did attempt to sway the tribe against Will not only at camp but also at Tribal Council.

“You are crazy to keep Will,” she boldly claimed as she defended her contributions and overall value to the tribe.

What impact she would have had on the game if given more time we will never know. Would she have become a pawn or would she have picked up the gauntlet? It is hard to say as she sent so many mixed signals.

Rating: 3 / 5


Social Gameplay

Although she did make some allies like Vince and Will, Nina never really integrated herself into the tribe nor was she able to fully change their misconceptions of her. The reason for some of that is she wasn’t given the chance to prove herself.

Whether she was right or wrong, letting her frustrations get the best of her in front of everyone and persistently throwing in the towel did nothing to build people’s faith in her.

In order to be successful in Survivor, you have to be willing to adapt and change with the different social situations and environments. Nina didn’t exhibit that ability very often, at least not that we saw.

Rating: 2 / 5


Entertainment Value

Nina’s Survivor tour was a complex one for viewers.

On one hand, we wanted to see her overcome the ignorance and presumptions of the other players. On the other, her inability to believe in herself and constant raising of the white flag made it very hard to remain in her corner.

Instead of seeing or experiencing Nina for the person she is, the tribe’s issues with her overshadowed her as a character or a player. It was difficult to learn more about her when her disability is what defined her on the series, for good or for bad.

The positive of it all is Nina’s struggles highlighted how on a daily basis, people can be limited by and fight to overcome the erroneous beliefs of others. Hopefully, there are lessons to be learned from Nina’s time on Survivor.

Rating: 6 / 10

Final Castaway Rating: 11 / 20


Powell’s Picks: Episode 3

Who played it cool and who proved themselves to be a fool? Every week John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.


Bronze Amateur: Dan Foley, Mike Holloway

At the Blue Collar Tribe, it is a race between Dan’s unchecked comments or Mike’s bossiness to see which will burn who first.


Silver Amateur: Will Sims II

Will’s decision to vote Vince out has come back to haunt him as has his weak physical condition.


Gold Amateur: Shirin Oskooi

She has irritated her tribe so much that everyone is in agreement that when, if they are given the opportunity, she will be the first to have her torch snuffed by Jeff and with no allies to support her, the scenario is looking more and more believable.


Bronze MVP: Jenn Brown

She has definitely positioned herself well in the No Collar Tribe being close to both Joe and Hali. She has also proven she could be their true leader even though the view is that title belongs to Joe.


Silver MVP: Joaquin Souberbielle

Squirming at the bottom of the heap, Joaquin made some serious inroads this week with Tyler. A partnership which might just save his bacon.


Gold MVP: Joe Anglim

Well, he certainly did mess up at the challenge. The thing is, because he apologized and fell on his own sword, he bought some good grace with his tribe as his name never even came up at Tribal Council. Can Joe do no wrong?


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