Stephen gets down and brainy with Bryan Cranston

Stephen gets down and brainy with Bryan Cranston
Whoa guys, easy on the Emmys, alright?

Last night, Stephen had but one non-musical guest. That guest was the great Bryan Cranston, most famously known for playing a father that just wanted to do right by his family, despite his egregious blunders that some might call borderline unethical: Hal from TV’s Malcolm in the Middle. Oh, and he also starred as high school chemistry teacher turned meth cook Walter White in the wildly popular Breaking Bad.

On The Late Show Stephen and Bryan shot the breeze, talking about the Tony Award he won for playing President Lyndon B. Johnson in the Broadway play All The Way, which segued into them talking more about Lyndon B. Johnson, and well… take a look:

Cranston was on The Late Show promoting his new film, Trumbo, in which he does play a father wanting the best for his kids, but that’s not the focus: he plays Dalton Trumbo, who is the hottest screenwriter of the 1940s – until he gets blacklisted for communist sympathies.

Later, Stephen asked Bryan to lay down with him on his tartan picnic blanket, and do some deep pondering during his “Big Questions with Even Bigger Stars” segment. Not only does this recurring segment make you laugh, but it will also make you think (but not too hard; it’s called The Late Show for a very deliberate reason). They ponder the usual big ponderings: God’s gender, God’s wardrobe, God’s residence… it felt like they were going to burst into a Joan Osborne ballad:

Stephen doesn’t roll out the “Big Questions” blanket very often, so when he does you know it’s special (his two previous stargazers were Scarlett Johansson during the very first week of The Late Show and Tom Hanks as a unannounced visit). But less about that, and more big questions:

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