SNL returns for its 40th season with Chris Pratt and some Booty Rap

SNL returns for its 40th season with Chris Pratt and some Booty Rap


SNL has returned for its historic 40th season with an episode hosted by America’s newest goofy sweetheart Chris Pratt and because it is 2014 that means we’re talking about booty, superheroes and Obama.

Host Chris Pratt is a fine choice to start off the season; he’s gone from a relatively unsung comedic actor to chiseled leading man in record time. Pratt’s got that kind of intense Jennifer Lawrence-style likeability that can lead one to watch and love clips of him french braiding hair during interviews. It’s that combo of shy goof and hunky hunk that make the ‘Anaconda’  referencing ‘Booty Rap’ work. That and the strident fire in Aidy Bryant’s eyes! What happens to courtship when the world is obsessed with music videos about butts?

Playing off of the rag tag crew walking all cool down a hallway formula of Guardians of the Galaxy, SNL presents new Marvel superhero blockbuster concepts that are guaranteed to be box office successes:

and my personal favourite,.

There’ve been some cast shake ups, most noticeably at the ol’ reliable Weekend Update desk. Cecily Strong is no longer an anchor, freeing up the spot for new cast member (and former “Daily Show” anchor) Michael Che and for the welcome return of Strong’s malaproprism-happy ‘Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started A Conversation With At A Party’ character who’s got a whole lot to say about a lot of specific nothings. Che fumbled the delivery on his first joke but if there’s anything Jimmy Fallon has taught us it’s that benignly screwing up is not only tolerated but handsomely rewarded!

There are some new and departed feature players this season too. There is now a true millennial on board, born in the 90s Pete Davidson whose edgy Weekend Update segment about prostitution probably teetered on the side of offensive for many viewers.

A lament for former featured player (now strictly in the writer’s room) Mike O’Brien, who’s possibly the only person to make encouraging famous people to kiss you in a closet pretty funny and not the target of an angry blog think piece, but hooray for Kyle Mooney who was pretty visible this episode and seemingly responsible for the blissfully surreal yet familiar “Bad Boys” sketch where Chris Pratt plays a guy who starts hanging out with the wrong crowd. It’s that kind of divisive 90s referential weird-o comedy that I’m happy they’re sneaking in alongside the broader stuff.

And a photographic farewell to longtime announcer Don Pardo who passed away in August. Former cast member Darrell Hammond (who holds the title of longest running SNL regular) has taken over announcing duties and presumably has signed a contract to announce for the show until his own death in forty years. The man loves his SNL!



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