James Spader on Season 2 of The Blacklist and the finale

James Spader on Season 2 of The Blacklist and the finale

Season 2 of The Blacklist has been full of heart-stopping ups and downs.  Check out what James Spader has to say about the season so far and what’s coming up.  Don’t miss the finale Thursday, May 14 at 9 et/pt!

What would you highlight as your favourite moments for Red in Season 2 so far?

James Spader: My favourite moments in both of the first two seasons – and I find this on anything I work on – are really always moments that people wouldn’t even remember from a scene. It’s generally for me a moment that for completely personal reasons captures what I think is the essence of that character in that set of circumstances. For me to notice it and to all of a sudden have an objective response, as opposed to a subjective one that is usually the place I’m in when I’m working, it probably would be a surprise, a moment of surprising personification of who that person is. They’re fleeting moments, and therefore, I don’t know if I even remember them a day later.

Which Blacklister has been the most formidable match for Red in Season 2 so far and why?

James Spader: I think the most formidable foe that Redding has faced in this season has been the Cabal, a shadow organization, just because they almost kill him. But ultimately I think he’s always just fighting for his own survival anyway and not just his survival in terms of life and death but also to try to grab onto as much as he possibly can and to try and learn how to have a relationship with Elizabeth Keen that feels healthier (laughs).

Looking back over Season 2, in what ways would you say that the relationship between Liz and Reddington has changed?

James Spader: In terms of that relationship, it has its hills and valleys and I think it has to continue to be that way. It’s a very, very complicated relationship between the two of them. As much as she doesn’t know the true nature of their relationship, I think it’s quite equitable for Reddington as well because I think he’s trying to grasp a hold of what the true nature of their relationship is now. Forget the past, regardless of what that the past represents. What is the nature of their relationship now and what are even the possibilities of a relationship with her. I think he’s enormously conflicted that he’s there. He certainly has a protective instinct but by the same token he does bring an awful lot of crisis and strife to her life. And I think he probably wrestles with that quite a lot.

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Do you think the revelation that Red was responsible for placing Tom into Liz’s life was a turning point for them?

James Spader: That’s a perfect example of where Reddington, with the finest of intent to be able to have some kind of arm’s reach to her life and her safety and well-being, introduced Tom into her life in a capacity that he soon discovered turned into something very different. But those good intentions blew up into something very different.

Despite some of the darker storylines in Season 2, you are always able to bring a lot of humour to Red. Is it difficult to get that balance right?

James Spader: I think that is what the show is, but it also speaks directly to Reddington’s personality. He’s very in touch with his own irreverence in the direst of circumstances and in a way I think it helps him to be confident and sure during those times.

Can you tell us anything about what we can expect from the Season finale?

James Spader: The season finale is a very, very significant enticement into how the third season will even begin. All the pieces are that we’re playing with on the show are thrown up into the air and where they land in the beginning of season three is going to be fun to find out.

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