I’m a nasty piece of work, Chief, ask anybody: Constantine episode 1 recap

I’m a nasty piece of work, Chief, ask anybody: Constantine episode 1 recap

When we first meet roguish Brit John Constantine (Matt Ryan), he’s receiving electroshock therapy in the Ravenscar Psychiatric Facility For The Mentally Deranged. Like Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, he’s there voluntarily. But unlike Nicholson’s R.P. McMurphy, he’s actually there for legitimate reasons. John Constantine is, according to his business card, an “Exorcist/Demonologist/Master Of The Dark Arts” (although, by his own admission, “Master” might be a bit much–time to get some new cards made), and he’s haunted by a recent failure–some time ago, he failed to save a young girl named Astra from the demon that had possessed her, and she was consigned to the netherworld as a result. John would like nothing more than to have his memories of Astra’s horrible fate zapped right out of his brain, but the world of the supernatural isn’t quite ready to let go of him yet. A mysterious message from beyond finds Constantine and gives him new purpose. One possessed patient and one on-the-fly exorcism later, and John Constantine is back in his element.

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Dark forces have targeted a young woman named Liv (Lucy Griffiths), who just happens to be the daughter of one of Constantine’s old allies. Jasper Winters may be dead, but his daughter has inherited his gift of seeing the unquiet spirits that walk our world. After multiple demon attacks at both her day job and her apartment, Liv is forced to accept that she’s in danger and that only John Constantine and his cab-driving mate Chas (Charles Halford) can save her. A possessed power cable almost does the trio in (while also exposing Liv to the fact that Chas has a few secrets of his own), but is unable to prevent John from showing Liv her deceased father’s secret sanctum. Constantine shows Liv how to utilize some of the scrying skills her dad left her, while learning a bit about the demon that’s hunting her. Support is also provided by an angel named Manny (Harold Perrineau–Michael Dawson from Lost), who hints that Liv’s salvation may be the key Constantine needs to save his own soul. A plan to draw the beast out is hatched, requiring Constantine to coerce Ritchie Simpson (Jeremy Davies, another Lost alum!), his old chum from the days of Astra’s botched exorcism, to pitch in. Well, coerce might be a stretch, but what’s a little blackmail among old friends?

Harold Perrineau | Manny | Constantine

John and Liv provoke a confrontation with the demon on a rooftop, causing the electricity-hungry creature to feast on the power of the city itself. But, having seen the beast’s proficiency with a power cable earlier, our heroes are ready for it, and one assist from the reluctant Ritchie later, John and Liv are able to combine science and sorcery to win the day. The evil is defeated, but it isn’t long before Liv learns that Constantine is all too willing to put the lives of others on the line to have things go his own way. A nasty piece of work, indeed.

DC Comics Easter Egg Watch: John Constantine may not wear a cape or tights, but he is a part of the DC Comics pantheon of heroes. Eagle-eyed viewers will note that one of the artifacts in Jasper Winters’ old hideout is the golden helmet of the sorcerer Doctor Fate, and that Ritchie Simpson is a professor at Ivy University, home of Dr. Ray Palmer (aka The Atom). Who else might get a shout-out in a future episode of Constantine? Superman? Swamp Thing? Brother Power The Geek? Tune in next week and find out!

Doctor Fate - Golden Helmet



When is Constantine on TV? In Canada, Constantine airs Fridays at 8 et/pt on Global TV
Where can I watch Constantine online for free? GlobalTV.com/constantine streams full episodes of Constantineonline for free, or watch with the Global Go app on your iOS or Android mobile device. Episodes are typically posted the day after the initial on-air broadcast.



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