Constantine episode 9 recap: The Saint Of Last Resorts part 2

Constantine episode 9 recap: The Saint Of Last Resorts part 2

When we last saw John Constantine (Matt Ryan), he was lying in a Mexican sewer with a bullet in his guts (courtesy of a nun, no less!) and a horrible demonic assassin known as an Invunche scuttling towards him to finish him off. Facing certain death, John wards off the monster by uttering an incantation while clutching a totem of the Assyrian demon king Pazuzu. The Invunche is driven off, but at a price: John has now allowed Pazuzu into his own body. The angel Manny (Harold Perrineau) arrives to chastise John for giving himself over to the forces of darkness, even though, as John points out, the forces of light weren’t doing too much to help him out. Chas (Charles Halford) arrives soon after, and John tells him that he only has a few days before Pazuzu’s possession takes hold for good, which means they have to get cracking on a solution to get the demon out of his body immediately. Exorcist, exorcise thyself! Unfortunately, Pazuzu’s influence is growing, and a drooling, red-eyed John runs off to get into mischief.

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Back stateside, Zed (Angelica Celaya) manages to escape the clutches of her abductor (working on the behalf of her father, who wants to use her psychic abilities for his own nefarious purposes), but not before she has a vision of the aforementioned gun-wielding Sister Anne Marie (Claire Van Der Boom) wracked with guilt over what she did to John. Zed touches base with Chas, who is still looking for the possessed John, and she heads off to Mexico to help join in the search.

John wakes up from his demonically-induced rampage–surrounded by the dismembered corpses of gun-toting gangbangers–just as the authorities arrive. Taken to prison, John is visited by Stanley Gibson (Stanley Crutchley), a representative of the British Embassy. Gibson can’t do much for John, but John steals his wallet and uses its contents to make friends with Julio (Efrem Ramirez, AKA Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite)–the Mexican equivalent of Red in The Shawshank Redemption, the “guy who can get it for you”. What John needs is access to the prison church so he can begin his self-exoricsm ritual, preferably before the incarcerated friends of the gang members he killed can avenge their buddies.

Once in the church, though, John learns that Julio has set him up for the gang members…but Pazuzu takes over, and John’s Pazuzu-induced body count continues to climb. Meanwhile, Mr. Gibson of the British Embassy turns out to be in league with La Brujeria (the doomsday cult that John went up against in the previous episode), and is doing his best to keep John incarcerated on their behalf. That doesn’t stop La Brujeria’s envoy (Werner Daehn) from killing him and wearing him like a suit so he can go to the prison and finish the job himself.


Zed and Chas endeavour to get inside the prison and help John perform his self-exorcism, albeit in very different ways: Zed dresses up like a prostitute on a conjugal visit, while Chas simply punches out a guard so he is thrown into a holding cell. Zed brings along a tape player full of John reading various exorcism rituals in a number of languages, as well as an enchanted blade to plunge into John’s heart if the rituals fail. Anne Marie joins in, hoping to make up for her part in introducing John to the occult (as well as that whole shooting-him-in-the-gut-and-leaving-him-for-the-Invunche thing). Our heroes reconvene in the prison gym and try to drive the demon out, but are interrupted by the Brujeria’s snake-infested envoy, who we learn is the earthly incarnation of the serpent from the Garden of Eden. Anne Marie uses the enchanted blade to dispatch him, meaning that the ritual has to work now or else John is lost and Pazuzu is loosed upon the world for good.

Round two: John’s death is faked and his “body” is hustled out of prison, and brought back to the United States–specifically, Jasper Winters’ safehouse. John reveals that the recorded incantations won’t do the trick–Anne Marie has true faith, bolstered by their shared experiences at Newcastle, and only she has the necessary force of will to drive Pazuzu out. The ritual begins, complete with John/Pazuzu drooling, levitating, and preying on Anne Marie’s weaknesses and self-doubt. Zed gives her a pep talk based on her earlier vision, saying that she knows Anne Marie’s guilt about her involvement with John and that she needs to forgive herself if she is to succeed. A newly fired-up Anne Marie continues the ritual and succeeds, driving Pazuzu out of John’s body. The two make peace and Anne Marie heads back to Mexico to continue God’s work, but not before telling Zed that she has to own up to John and Chas about her father and his plans. Zed doesn’t take her advice–not yet, anyway–and John tells his pals that Mexico is just the beginning. The darkness continues to rise, and they haven’t even seen the worst of it yet.

DC Comics Easter Egg Watch: John’s stretch in jail is reminiscent of the classic “Hard Time” story arc from Hellblazer #146-150, which saw Constantine incarcerated for a mysterious crime and rising up to take control of the prison. It was an American prison, sure, but his character arc is similar here–after taking out the vengeful gang-bangers, John walks into the yard and declares “Now I run this place!”. It seems that John Constantine will always rise to the top of the heap behind bars, no matter which side of the border he’s on.


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