Constantine episode 7 recap: Blessed Are The Damned

Constantine episode 7 recap: Blessed Are The Damned

John Constantine’s latest adventure begins in Briarwood, Kentucky, where Pastor Zachary (Patrick Carroll) is desperate to impress his dwindling flock. His snake-handling skills, unfortunately, aren’t up to par with his legendary father, and a venomous bite brings him to death’s door…until he is mysteriously resurrected. With new purpose, he lays hands on a young man named Nate Byars (Christopher Johnson) who is missing a leg. Before the astonished eyes of the sparse congregation, Nate grows his missing limb back. Needless to say, the church is packed with the sick and infirm the following week.

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Meanwhile, Zed (Angelica Celaya) causes a scene when she has visions of serpents during her life-drawing class. The handsome model, Eddie, (David A. Gregory) is undeterred, though, and asks her out on a date. Later, John (Matt Ryan) connects Zed’s snake visions to a story he found on a conspiracy website about a snake-handling preacher in Kentucky with miraculous healing powers. The two investigate, and John is surprised to hear that Zachary’s speaking-in-tongues bit actually involves him speaking Enochian, the language of angels. Pastor Zachary may be dealing with forces beyond his control, a fact that is confirmed when Nate Byars is transformed into a murderous, loping beast-man with red eyes during a visit to one unlucky doctor.


John and Zed line up to get a dose of the Pastor’s healing touch, and Zed sees a vision of an angelic figure when it’s her turn for Zachary’s magic hands. For his part, John questions Zachary about his knowledge of Enochian, and Zachary pleads ignorance. Zed thinks that the Pastor might be a legitimate healer, a fact John doesn’t dispute. However, he knows that the type of magic Zachary is using, knowingly or unknowingly, takes a toll on the land, a fact that a nearby lake full of dead fish can attest to. John summons Manny (Harold Perrineau) for answers about what the Pastor was saying in his angelic tongue, but the angel’s pact of non-interference keeps him from offering anything but cryptic advice about facing the sun when hearing Enochian. As the sun sets, Zed hums the tune she heard while having her vision, and they hear an angelic singing voice. Following it, they find a red-haired angel named Imogen (Megan West) buried in a pile of leaves, near death. The two help Imogen to a nearby barn, where she explains that she was carrying a mortal to his heavenly reward when said mortal plucked a feather from one of her wings, forcing her to fall to earth. John and Zed realize that this enchanted feather is the source of Zachary’s power and they need to get it back, or Imogen will die.

John visits Zachary at his home and tries to take the feather back by force, but he finds that he is unable. While John is finding that Zachary is protected by powerful supernatural magic, Zed is attacked by the increasingly monstrous Byers. John arrives just in time to save her and dispatch the creature, who he identifies as a “ghoul”–a person afflicted by magic gone wrong. John warns that more of Zachary’s healed flock will be similarly affected if the feather isn’t returned to its rightful owner soon. Zed goes undercover as a believer, stealing back the Pastor’s feather from his robes during her baptism. As if on cue, hordes of “ghouls” arrive to break up the baptismal. John and Zachary barricade themselves in the church while Zed races to return the feather to Imogen. While fighting off the ghouls, Zachary confesses to John that he once killed a man in a hit-and-run, and John realizes that, after his snake-bite, Zachary wasn’t headed to Heaven but Hell. Zed returns the feather to Imogen, whose wings immediately turn black, confirming what John has begun to suspect–Imogen is a fallen angel, one who wants the kingdom of earth to be returned to its rightful angelic caretakers.



John arrives back at the barn as Imogen’s true nature is revealed, but he and Zed are unable to overcome her power. However, John is finally able to convince Manny to take a more active role in the struggle between good and evil. As the episode ends, Manny tells John that the barrier between Heaven and Hell is growing weaker as a result of the “rising darkness” hinted at in earlier episodes. And Zed misses her date with the model, which may not be a bad thing–he appears to be working for a sinister figure who has designs on John’s vision-afflicted companion.



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