Constantine episode 6 recap: Rage Of Caliban

Constantine episode 6 recap: Rage Of Caliban

A married couple in Birmingham, Alabama is brutally slain in their own home while their young daughter, Emily, is untouched. While the cops struggle to understand what happened, John Constantine (Matt Ryan) and his cabbie pal Chas (Charles Halford) investigate the crime from a supernatural angle. At first, it appears that the child might have murderous telekinetic abilities, but when John checks out the scene of the crime–his methods include conjuring smoky apparitions that work like a video playback and, er, licking the walls–he learns that Emily was instead possessed by the malevolent spirit of another child. While John is creeping around the crime scene, he is once again visited by the angel Manny (Harold Perrineau), who knows exactly what’s up but can only nudge John in the direction of the truth–when mankind gained free will, Manny explains, angels lost the ability to directly influence events on earth. John is understandably frustrated, but soldiers on without any angelic assistance. The child’s spirit is on the loose again, looking for another body to inhabit. It finds one in Henry, a fearful child who rightfully suspects that he has a monster in his closet.

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With the help of a paralegal who owes him a favour (he helped her deceased husband “cross over” peacefully), John learns that Emily’s parents were the latest victims in a pattern of similar killings in the Southeast United States that stretches back decades. The first such murder occurred when a young boy named Marcello Panneti killed his abusive parents with an axe thirty years ago. John tracks Marcello (Sean Freeland) to an insane asylum, but he’s no help–the traumatized youth has grown into a catatonic adult. Meanwhile, time is running out for Henry and his unsuspecting parents: the kid has taken to setting weird booby traps with light bulbs, terrorizing the neighbour’s dog, and getting a bit too carried away while carving a pumpkin.

John and Chas use frankincense to track the vengeful spirit to Henry’s door, but they rightfully deduce that a direct approach won’t be warmly received. Instead they stake out the family, and John is helpless to watch as Henry turns his wrath on a schoolyard bully the next day. He finally knocks on their front door, posing as a counsellor from school following the incident, but quickly breaks character and finds himself both punched out by Henry’s dad and thrown in jail for his trouble. Once again Manny appears, warning John about the “rising darkness” behind the skyrocketing supernatural activity on earth while revealing that he was never far during John’s own abusive childhood.

Henry’s parents squabble over their son’s strange behaviour, which causes the kid to make a (non-fatal, for now) telekinetic mess. Henry’s mom, Claire (Laura Regan), suspects that there might be something to this British bloke’s possession theory, so unbeknownst to husband Daryl (Niall Matter), she bails John out and asks for his help. Claire wants the spirit driven out of her son, but John is understandably skeptical about performing child exorcisms after his failure with Astra in Newcastle. He recommends a seance instead to try and contact the entity and hopefully convince it to leave, so he, Claire, and Chas make their way to Marcello’s abandoned childhood home–ground zero for the possession pattern. Unfortunately, all they manage to summon is a three-legged deer. John realizes his mistake–Henry and the other children were not possessed by a dead child at all, but a live one. Marcello is catatonic because his traumatized spirit fled his own body and kept right on killing, triggered whenever the parents of whomever’s body he was currently in argued with one another. Everything comes to a head on Halloween night with John pursuing Henry/Marcello into a House Of Horrors, where they are forced to work out their daddy issues together.



DC Comics Easter Egg Watch: While looking for possible weapons to use in Jasper Winters’ artifact-filled safehouse, Chas picks up a sword which immediately compels him to start speaking the truth. John identifies it as the “Sword Of Night”. In DC Comics mythology, this is the weapon of Jim Rook, AKA Nightmaster, supernatural hero and leader of the demon-fighting team known as the Shadowpact. If Nightmaster’s sword is being name-dropped, can an appearance by his Shadowpact teammate Detective Chimp be far behind? Um, probably not.




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