Constantine episode 5 recap: Danse Vadou

Constantine episode 5 recap: Danse Vadou

Boozy New Orleans police detective Jim Corrigan (Emmett Scanlan) stops to relieve himself in an alley after a night of drinking, and finds himself a witness to murder. A young woman in the same alley is confronted by a woman in a surgical mask who asks her the loaded question, “Do you think I’m pretty?”, before killing her with a pair of oversized scissors. Corrigan draws his gun and fires, but his bullets can’t touch the spectral attacker.

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Thankfully, supernatural expert John Constantine (Matt Ryan) and his friends are soon be drawn to the Big Easy by Zed’s (Angelica Celaya) visions (which show her a young boy named Jimmy being taught to shoot by his mother). John, Zed, and Chas (Charles Halford) arrive at the murder scene and make contact with the skeptical detective who is, of course, the boy from Zed’s vision. Corrigan dismisses the trio as con artists, but that doesn’t stop them from settling in to get to the bottom of the mystery. Meanwhile, a teen named Phillip is picked up hitchhiking on a forest road by a creepy old guy.



The driver has plans for Phillip, but they goes awry when the kid disappears from the passenger seat…only to appear as a bloody phantom in the middle of the road, causing a fatal crash.

The next day, John and his friends investigate the crash and learn that accidents on this very spot are surprisingly common–not unlike the murders that keep happening in the alley. Corrigan takes Constantine into custody for knowing a bit too much about the deaths, which leaves Chas and Zed to investigate. Visiting the cursed alley, Chas meets the masked woman, who asks her usual question before stabbing him repeatedly and fatally…at least, at first. By the time the EMTs are on the scene, Chas is up and around again (much like his brush with death in the premiere episode–there’s more to this cabbie than meets the eye).


In custody, John convinces Corrigan to look into other deaths in the two affected areas. Five years earlier, a model named Misaki had her face slashed by a jealous rival, and took her own life with an overdose of pills. Three years ago, a young hitchhiker named Phillip was ejected from the car that picked him up in the same spot he now haunts. The mystery behind what could have awakened them leads Corrigan to free John and work with him to prevent any more deaths.

John interviews the model, Tammy, who disfigured Misaki, finding her to be free from prison but overcome with guilt at what she had done. At the same time, Zed meets with Phillip’s legal guardian, his grandmother, who is also wracked with guilt about throwing her charge out of the house after he fell in with a bad crowd. This led him to run away to the city, and meet his end on the wooded highway in the bargain. Both Tammy and Phillip’s grandmother had recently spoken to a medium about reaching out to the afterlife for forgiveness from those they’d wronged. Unfortunately for everyone involved, that medium was voodoo gangster Papa Midnite (Michael James Shaw), last seen squabbling with Constantine in Chicago over a haunted blues record. John confronts Midnite at a ceremony where he is promising to reunite a woman with the spirit of the husband she recently lost to cancer. Papa Midnite still harbours a grudge over the Chicago incident, and John finds himself drugged and locked in the trunk of a car.

On the highway, while looking for Phillip’s spirit, Zed meets Corrigan and the two team up to try and confront the boy. They eventually find him and give him a lift, but when his broken body appears in front of the car, Zed drives through him and apparently dissipates his spirit form…for now, anyway. Curious about Constantine’s accusations that his magic has gone bad, Papa Midnite visits the woman whose husband had died, only to find that John was right–Midnite’s magic not only reached out to the deceased but raised his spirit as well, and his ghostly presence is slowly killing his own wife. Midnite finds that Constantine has escaped the trunk, and the two form an uneasy alliance to learn how the “rising darkness” hinted at by Manny in previous episodes has tainted Midnite’s magic. The two steal the bodies of the ghostly interlopers and perform a ritual to put a stop to their murderous reincarnations, but an element is missing–the guilt felt by their survivors is a power source that keeps them tethered to the physical world. Once they are brought in to participate, the spirits are dispersed.

Constantine’s latest adventure ends on a pair of ominous notes. Corrigan, from his time in Missing Persons, knows who Zed really is and why she ran away from home all those years ago, but Zed’s psychic powers also tell her more about Corrigan than she would like to know…specifically about his horrific future. And a final drink with Papa Midnite, celebrating the end of their short-lived truce, leads John to the revelation that the “rising darkness” will also include a betrayal from someone very close to him.



DC Comics Easter Egg Watch: Jim Corrigan is better known to comic readers as the alter ego of one of DC’s oldest and most powerful supernatural crimefighters, The Spectre. Zed’s final revelation about Corrigan’s future seems to point towards his green-cloaked alter ego making an appearance on Constantine further down the line.




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